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Stader Saturday School: CeFi vs DeFi

Many have faced the choice of whether to go with Centralized Finance [CeFi] or Decentralized Finance [DeFi] when it comes to buying…

DeFi Opportunities with Stader

Liquid staking makes staking more fun. Now for the same amount of capital you have double the liquidity than before.

Stader’s Liquid Staking on Aptos

Proof of Stake blockchains are a massive improvement on their Proof of Work counterparts. Their faster transaction speed and lower costs…

Stader X SaucerSwap -The APY Explained

SaucerSwap is LIVE and gives HBARX holders the opportunity to maximize their returns. Here are some of the ways of achieving maximized…

Mint $MAI using MaticX

At Stader our mission is to democratize staking, secure PoS blockchains and help stakers make the most out of DeFi.