Update: Liquidity Pool Rewards Extended

Dear Lunatics,

Update: Liquidity Pool Rewards Extended

Dear Lunatics,

We have exciting news for you.

  • We are doubling our Stader token incentives for LunaX-Luna LP pools to 15000 whSD tokens per day
  • Accelerated vesting schedule for the earned whSD tokens

Read on to learn more:

  1. Increased whSD Token Incentives
  2. New Vesting Schedule
  3. Earn More on your whSD Tokens Earned

Increased SD Token Incentives

The LunaX<> Luna LPs will be able to farm 15,000 whSD tokens per day starting 23rd March’22 upto end-Jun’22

This means you can earn a Pool APR of approximately 23% (Swap fees + Stader rewards + Loop rewards) based on whSD token price of 4.3$ at the time of writing the article.

Along with the pool APR you also earn a staking APY of 7.87% & get airdrops on the LunaX portion of the LP pool

Key Points:

  • The whSD token rewards will be calculated based on 2 random weekly snapshots (taken between Wednesday to Tuesday) & rewards are allocated every Tuesday.
  • In order to be eligible for the week’s rewards you would need to be providing LP at the time of snapshot. LP can be withdrawn without any loss of rewards for the previous weeks.

New Vesting Schedule

We are introducing an accelerated vesting for the whSD rewards earned. Rewards earned up to 8th every month will vest on the 9th of each month.

For e.g.

For an LP provider providing LunaX <> Luna LP from 23rd Mar to 8th Apr, SD rewards earned between 23rd March’22 & 8th April’22 will vest on 9th April’22. Same cycle will be followed for each month.

Earn More on your whSD Tokens Earned

When your whSD tokens vest you can earn more by

  1. Staking them on Stader to earn a whooping 25% APR (at the time of writing the article) on your whSD tokens
  2. Providing LP to whSD <> UST, whSD — xSD pool to earn swap fees

Disclaimer: The team is working with several money market protocols and DEXs to enable dual incentives. The rewards schedule is subject to change as we finalize the plans. Any new rewards schedule will be applicable only after changes are announced.