Validator Specific Staking on NearX — What’s in it for the users ?

Validator Specific Staking on NearX and what users stand to gain from this

Validator Specific Staking on NearX — What’s in it for the users ?

Stader.NEAR has come with a first of its kind solution where users can now stake with their favorite validator exclusively while unlocking the benefits of liquid staking!

How can you do this?

Your favorite validator under Stader’s ‘Validator Specific Staking’ Partnership will share a dedicated link via which you can stake your NEAR with that validator via Stader. In return you get access to Stader’s liquid staking token, NearX, unlocking a world of DeFi possibilities and instant liquidity!

Learn more about Stader’s NearX and its possibilities here.

User Incentives:

Participate in Stader’s ‘Validator Specific Staking’ Programme and unlock the below benefits:

✅Access to ~25% Yields + Staking Returns through NearX

✅Access to SD tokens through dual incentives across partner protocols

✅Instant liquidity through swaps on DEXs given NearX has the deepest liquidity of ~$3Mn amongst LSDs across DEXs

✅Compensation for 2 days of staking rewards as users un-stake & re-stake with the validator via Stader

We have launched the program with 2 partners: Stakin & Zavodil.

You can use the following links to stake specifically with Stakin and/or Zavodil:

We will soon be expanding to more & will release the selection criterion. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest info directly to your inbox :