One-Click ETH Staking on Ledger Live with Stader

Get highest boosted ETH staking rewards with ETHx & Ledger Live.

Simplifying ETH Staking

We're excited to share that Stader has teamed up with Ledger to make ETH staking not only easier but also more rewarding. Starting from 15th April, you can stake your ETH with Stader, in just a single click through the Ledger Live app and get the highest boosted staking rewards with ETHx.

In this blog, we’ll cover the details for the boosted rewards and how you can stake with Stader through Ledger Live.

Let’s begin.

Highest Boosted ETHx Rewards For Ledger Users

The Stader - Ledger partnership brings an exclusive offer that enhances rewards of ETH staking with Stader through the Ledger Live app. For a limited time, you can secure the highest staking rewards with Stader. Here’s a detailed look at the boosted rewards:

  • Get 10% flat staking rewards until May 31st.
  • Get 6% flat staking rewards from June 1st to July 31st.

These exclusive rewards are only available through the Ledger Live app, presenting a superb opportunity for you to optimize your ETH for better capital efficiency.

Why Choose Stader and Ledger?

Security and Accessibility:

Ledger wallets are renowned for their robust security measures, providing offline storage of your private keys and protecting your assets with industry-leading technology. Combined with Stader’s smart contracts, audited by top security firms and protected by a $1 million bug bounty, the safety of your assets is always the top priority.

How To Stake ETH With Stader On Ledger Live?

To begin staking your ETH and to take advantage of boosted rewards, simply head to the discover section of the Ledger Live app and select Stader. It's straightforward, quick, and secure.

With our collaboration with Ledger, staking ETH is not only secure but now more rewarding than ever before. Don’t miss this limited-time chance to boost your staking rewards while benefiting from the top-notch security that Ledger offers.

Start staking today to fully tap into the potential of your ETH!

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