Introducing ETHx Restake Rush

Stader is excited to announce two campaigns, offering unprecedented rewards for ETHx restakers.

Introducing ETHx Restake Rush

Get ready for the grand finale of mega rewards with ETHx Restake Rush!

This exciting new campaign brings you unprecedented rewards and opportunities. Following the highly successful EigenBoost 3.0, which concluded after launching on April 16 at 4 PM UTC and providing up to 4 Million extra EigenLayer Points for ETHx restakers, we are thrilled to introduce ETHx Restake Rush.

Dive into this ultimate reward frenzy and maximize your benefits with even more substantial rewards. Stay tuned for more details on how you can participate and make the most of this incredible opportunity!

ETHx Restake Rush + EigenBoost 3.0 is valid only for the first 40k ETHx minted & restaked before 31st May.

Reward details for both campaigns are as follows:

ETHx Restake Rush (6th May - 31st May)

Make the most of your staked ETH with ETHx Restake Rush is here to help you unlock exclusive rewards. This limited-time opportunity is available for the first 40,000 $ETHx minted and restaked before May 31st, offering a variety of enticing rewards.

Reward Highlights

By participating in the ETHx Restake Rush, you can unlock:

  • $400,000 in SD tokens
  • 4 million extra EL points
  • 2x Karak XP

Here’s how rewards break down across the platforms:

Kelp DAO

For every $ETHx restaked on Kelp DAO, you’ll receive:

  • Up to $40 in SD tokens from Stader
  • $15 in USDC from Kelp
  • 100 extra EL points from Stader
  • 1x Kelp Miles from Kelp


Rewards for every $ETHx you restake on EigenLayer:

  • Up to $40 in SD tokens
  • 100 extra EL points

Karak Network

For every $ETHx restaked on Karak, you’ll receive:

  • Up to $40 in SD tokens
  • 2x Karak XP per $ETHx

How to Participate

  1. Mint $ETHx: Head over to Stader Labs to mint your $ETHx.
  2. Restake on Partner Platforms: Choose from KelpDAO, EigenLayer, or Karak Network to restake your $ETHx and start earning rewards.

EigenBoost 3.0 (16th April - 5th May)

Every ETHx restaked during the campaign period earns additional EigenLayer Points on top of standard EigenLayer Points. This foundational bonus ensures all participants benefit from their commitment.

Details for the rewards are as below:

  • 4 Million EigenLayer Points:

    (a) Restake with EigenLayer or our LRT partners to earn 50 extra EigenLayer points.

    (b) Restake with Kelp to earn a total of 100 extra EigenLayer points (50 from Stader + 50 from Kelp).
  • Bonus Kelp Miles: Get 125,000 Kelp Miles for each ETHx restaked, until 29th April. And 100,000 Kelp Miles per ETHx restaked from 30th April - 5th May.
  • Bonus Rewards: Deploy rsETH on Zircuit to get Zircuit points and/or Pendle for approx 50% annualized rewards.

Users can choose to restake directly on EigenLayer or with any of the LRT partners: Eigenpie, Prime Staked ETH & Kelp DAO.

Exclusivity and early access benefits

The campaign targets the proactive and quick-to-act stakers, capping the offer to the first 40,000 ETH staked and restaked on EigenLayer or through LRT platforms such as Karak, Eigenpie, PrimeStaked and KelpDAO.

The restaking window starts April 16, 4 PM UTC till May 31, 4 PM UTC.

Join the Restaking Revolution

EigenBoost 3.0 & ETHx Restake Rush are not just regular campaigns; it’s a step towards dynamic Ethereum staking. Become a part of making Ethereum even more decentralized & secure by staking now while boosting your EigenLayer points in the process.


Stake now.

Disclaimer: ETHx Restake Rush is not applicable for bespoke deals.