Stader TGE — All You Need to Know

Dear Stader Family and all stakeholders,

Stader TGE — All You Need to Know

Stader Token Launch — All You Need to Know

Dear Stader Family and all stakeholders,

Token Generation Event (TGE) for the SD Token will be on 15th March 2022 | 2PM UTC. SD Tokens will be available to claim by qualified users (Community farmers, raffle winners and public sale participants) and $SD will be available on multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Who Can Claim SD Tokens on 15th?

SD tokens will be disbursed to the following sets of users:

  1. All stakers who farmed SD tokens in our Community Farming event for Stake Pools, LunaX and LunaX-Luna LP
  2. Users who got allocation of SD tokens in the CoinList private sale held on 25th Jan 2022 and have confirmed their wallet address (More Details)
  3. All our product testers and contest winners who were promised rewards in SD tokens and have confirmed their wallet addresses

All users claiming their farmed SD tokens need not register anywhere. You are qualified for the tokens automatically. However, for the CoinList allottees, only the ones who have submitted or confirmed their wallet address within the deadline will be able to claim SD tokens on 15th.

How to Claim SD Tokens?

SD token is an ERC-20 token and all CEXs will list SD token as an ERC20 token. It is made available to our Terra users as CW-20 token as well. Please note, SD tokens will not automatically be sent to your wallet address. There is a simple 1-click procedure for eligible users to claim it on our dApp.

Important: On Ethereum, Stader token will have token name as SD whereas on Terra token name will be whSD (as it is bridged via wormhole)

All eligible users can claim their Stader tokens on our portals at the time of TGE. Few important points to remember:

  1. Do make sure you have UST (for Terra) and ETH (for Ethereum) in your wallet required for transaction fees.
  2. Please note, SD will be available for claiming after TGE and there is no time limit or expiry for the same. You can claim your SD anytime as per your convenience.

Will $SD be Listed on any Exchanges?

Yes. SD token will be listed on Centralized exchanges (CEXs)and decentralised exchanges fro you to trade the token. So far, the following exchanges have confirmed listing of SD token:

  1. Huobi (CEX): Link to Huobi
  2. Gate (CEX): Link to
  3. Bitget (CEX): Link to BitGet

We are under the due diligence process with several exchanges and will announce once they confirm listing.

Cross Bridge Transfers for $SD

For all our community farming users, SD tokens will be claimable as CW-20. For CoinList sale participants, they will get it according to the choice they have mentioned with CoinList. This cannot be changed.

However, we recognise that some users may want to convert their tokens from CW-20 to ERC-20 and vice versa. This arrangement has been made via Wormhole. Step-by-step guide for the same is mentioned in our FAQ.

How and Where to Stake $SD?

Stader is making provision for staking SD tokens on the Stader dApp. You can stake your newly acquired CW-20 SD tokens and earn additional APY through staking rewards on them.

There will also be an option for providing liquidity to whSD-UST and whSD-xSD on Terraswap (for CW-20) and SD-USDC pair on UniSwap and SushiSwap (for ERC-20). Detailed communication with steps and APYs will be shared separately.

What if You’re Unable to Claim $SD?

For CoinList users, if you have not provided or confirmed your wallet with CoinList, you will not be eligible. In case you’ve missed out, please fill out this form.

In case you’ve missed out on providing an address and not able to claim SD tokens, please don’t worry. As long as we get your details in the form, we will reach out to you with next steps required from your end.

If you think you’re facing a technical issue, you can always reach out to our Telegram Tech Support here.

Check out our TGE FAQs here.

For latest news and more updates relating to TGE, please join us on Twitter, Telegram or Discord.