Stader Q1 2024 Report

Stader Q1 2024 Report

Welcome to the Q1 ’24 Report of Stader Labs. It has been an eventful 2024 with new summits scaled and innovative projects launched. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the performance of what it has looked like till now.


  1. Current TVL stands at $675M, marking an impressive 600%+ y-o-y growth.
  2. Users staking with Stader climbed to 96K+ users.
  3. SD Utility Pool was launched and already has 1.8M+ delegated $SD in less than a month from its launch.


$SD is no longer just a governance token. It has now become a utility-bearing protocol with the launch of the SD Utility Pool.

SD Utility Pool

Launched on March 5 ’24, SD Utility Pool is the latest addition to our long list of product offerings. A first-of-its-kind product in the Ethereum LST space that:

▹ Rewards protocol token holders for contributing to the decentralization of Ethereum
▹ Enhances accessibility for NOs on ETH by eliminating their governance token exposure.

In less than a month since launch, it has $1.8M+ worth of $SD delegated & $367K+ worth of $SD utilized. The Pool currently offers a healthy reward of ~36%.

$SD can also be used to generate additional defi opportunities on ETHx, MaticX, and BNBx.

Here’s a list of TOP picks for $SD:

  • ~43% rewards on SD/BNBx LP on Thena
  • ~37% rewards on SD/ETHx LP on Balancer
  • ~20% rewards on SD/MaticX LP on Balancer

Top DeFi opportunities across the Stader ecosystem

Let’s visit the BEST DeFi opportunities currently available on different protocols across the Stader ecosystem.

Stader x Ethereum

Launched last year, the Ethereum chain has grown into the biggest store of value for Stader’s Liquid Staking offerings. Currently, we’ve $466M+ TVL across 21K+ stakers. Recently ETHx, Stader’s LST on Ethereum, went live on Arbitrum & Optimism.

Here’s a list of top picks on Ethereum:

  • ~105% rewards on ETHx/USDC in PancakeSwap
  • ~80% rewards on ETHx/wstETH in PancakeSwap
  • ~33% rewards on ETHx yield optimizer in Equilibra

Stader x Polygon

MaticX, Stader’s LST on the Polygon network, is the biggest LST solution on the chain with $150M+ TVL. Recently, we’ve also integrated with SafePal as their preferred staking partner on the same network.

Here’s a list of top picks on Polygon:

  • ~20% rewards on MaticX/SD in Balancer
  • ~12% rewards on Leverage staking in CIAN
  • ~8% rewards on wMaticX/Matic LP in Balancer

Stader x BNB

On the BNB front, we are making major headways in Thena. Here are the top picks you can benefit from:

  • ~48% rewards on BNBx/BTC LP in Thena
  • ~43% rewards on BNBx/SD Pool in Thena
  • ~13% rewards on BNBx/BNB LP in Thena

That’s a wrap for our Q1 ’24 Report. Meanwhile, we’re hosting SD Splash Season to celebrate the launch of the SD Utility Pool. Rewards and campaigns such as gas-free delegation are up for grabs! Interested in taking part? Drop your mail here to get the latest updates straight to your inbox.