Launching Soon: Unleash the Power of LunaX with Degen Vaults

Degen Vault Vision (Yield platform for Strategies)

Launching Soon: Unleash the Power of LunaX with Degen Vaults
  1. Degen Vault Vision (Yield platform for Strategies)
  2. How will it help LunaX holders
  3. Launch plan (v1 and beyond)
  4. Security

Degen Vaults Vision

The Terra ecosystem is growing exponentially with multiple innovative protocols going live every week. LunaX aims to be a core asset across Terra and this opens up a plethora of yield opportunities for #Lunatics to earn additional yields on LunaX.

However most users face three core problems with yield strategies

  • Discovery: Identifying the right strategies based on their risk appetite
  • Execution: Implementing multiple steps across several protocols
  • Monitoring: Monitoring positions to manage risks/ liquidations

Stader aims to solve the above problems with Degen Vaults — A platform that provides #Lunatics access to strategies designed by Crypto degens. Any one will be able to develop a strategy and create a vault (if governance approved) in the future.

How will Degen Vaults help LunaX holders?

Degen vaults simplify the decision-making for LunaX holders regarding discovery and usage of strategies.

  • Degen vaults enable LunaX holders to get exposure to additional yields* based on curated expert strategies
  • Degen vaults automate multiple operations & provide LunaX holders with one-click access to strategies
  • Degen vaults monitor your position so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening with your assets.

Degen Vaults Launch Plan:

Degen vaults will be launched in two Phases, with the first phase going live early March.

  • The first phase (V1) will have 1–2 vaults with a strategy & lock-in period for funds
  1. Users can deposit LunaX into the Degen Vault on the Stader Dapp.
  2. All user deposits are locked for a period of time (Eg: 1 month).
  3. Strategies which are a predetermined set of functions will be performed on the deposited LunaX to earn additional yields* during the Lock-in period. (More details on the strategies will be shared soon.)
  4. Once the lock-in period is completed the additional yield is distributed across users & users can then unlock their funds.
  • The second phase (V2) will offer additional functionalities on top of V1 with more vaults & providing users an option to select the risk level they want while depositing. The yield generated by the LunaX degen vaults will be tranched and allocated to people selecting different risk levels. E.g. For a vault with 2 risk levels (High and Low)

Degen Vaults Security:

Degen vault’s smart contract has been extensively tested by our team and contract audits are expected to begin early March’22. We will be doing a capped beta launch for V1 and remove the caps & do a full launch once the contract audits are completed.

Keep following our Twitter for more updates on Degen vaults launch!

* Strategies also expose your funds to additional risks, so returns will vary based on the performance based on market conditions.