Stader’s Weekly Update (5th March, 2023)

Stader’s Weekly Update (5th March, 2023)

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Dear Stader fam,

We’ve been hard at work making progress on some exciting new projects.

Here are the top highlights and DeFi opportunities currently available within the Stader ecosystem.


  • New SD — ETH pool now live on Balancer and Aura Finance!
  • ETHx Tokenomics revealed! Read here
  • Stader’s TVL stands at $114M+ across 31K+ Wallets!

Top DEFI Opportunities across the Stader Ecosystem

Stader x BNB

Now earn high yields with your $BNBx.

Top picks of the week:

Earn high yields here

Stader x Polygon

Now catch profitable deFi opportunities with $MaticX.

Top picks of the week:

Enjoy exciting high yields & more here

Stader x Hedera

Earn sky-high yields with your $HBARx

Top picks of the week:

Catch these super exciting yields. Click Here

Stader x Fantom

Maximize yields with minted $sFTMx.

Top picks of the week are:

Maximize your yields Now. Click here.

Stader x Near

Maximize your yield with $NearX on:

  • ∼15% APR
  • PembRock ∼24% APR
  • Trisolaris ∼17% APR

Earn higher yields. Click Here

SD Tokens

Now you can trade Stader’s SD tokens on along with other top CEXs: OKX, Huobi,, and several other DEXs.

The latest addition to this list is

Plus, earn EXTRA yields using LPs:

DeFi has opened a new world of opportunities. Enjoy attractive gains along with high staking rewards at Stader Labs.

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