FANTOM staking | FTM Rewards

Stader Labs - Beethoven X

Hello FTM Stakers!

Stader Labs has transferred the ownership of its FTM liquid staking product and the associated smart contract to Beethoven X DAO. Now, you can stake, unstake, and withdraw your FTM using the new UI provided by Beethoven X. All existing staked tokens are held in the smart contract. So, if you are an existing user and wish to unstake or withdraw your tokens, you can do so via the new UI provided by Beethoven X.

Please read the disclaimer below and click on the provided button after checking the checkbox to proceed to the Beethoven X dApp.


As of February 5, 2024, Stader Labs has transferred ownership of FTM staking and sFTMx contract to Beethoven X DAO. Stader Labs does not guarantee the performance, profitability, stability, or sustainability of rewards post-transfer. Stader Labs disclaims any responsibility for losses, damages, or unfavorable consequences resulting from sFTMx activities. Users are advised to engage at their own risk, conduct independent research, and exercise judgment before participating in sFTMx activities.