Stader’s Weekly Update (5th Dec, 2022)

Dear Stader Fam,

Stader’s Weekly Update (5th Dec, 2022)

Dear Stader Fam,

We hope you had a power-packed week.

Here’s some of the important highlights and top DeFi opportunities across the Stader ecosystem.


  • Stader TVL jumped up to $120 Mn with over 25K Active Wallets
  • Comprehensive coverage of Stader’s security measures here

Top DEFI Opportunities across the Stader Ecosystem

Stader x BNB

Now earn High Yields with your $BNBx.

Top Picks of the week:

  • Cone exchange ∼29% APR
  • Impossible Finance ∼19% APR
  • Beefy & Ellipsis ∼12% APY

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Stader x Polygon

Now catch Profitable DeFi Opportunities with $MaticX

Top Picks of the week:

  • Meshswap ∼37% APR
  • CIAN ∼15% APY
  • Balancer ∼10% APY

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Stader x Hedera

Earn Sky-high Yields with your $HBARx.

Top Picks of the week:

  • Heliswap ∼79% APR
  • Saucerswap ∼77% APR
  • Saucerswap ∼75% APR

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Stader x Fantom

Maximize Yields with Minted $sFTMx.

Top Picks of the week are:

  • Reaper Farm & Granary ∼6% APR +5% Staking rewards
  • BeethovenX ∼7% APR (Incl. Staking Rewards)
  • Reaper Farm & BeethovenX ∼17% APR (Incl. Staking Rewards)

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Stader x Near

Maximize your Yield with $NearX:

  • PembRock ∼15% APR
  • Trisolaris ∼13% APR
  • ∼10% APR

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SD Tokens

Now you can trade Stader’s SD tokens on the top CEXs: OKX, Huobi,, and several other top DEXs. is the latest addition to this list.

Plus, earn EXTRA Yields using LPs:

There’s a lot happening at Stader Labs.

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest developments.

Meanwhile, please share your valuable feedback or suggestions.

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