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How to Earn Matic Staking Rewards?

3 mins read / updated on Wed Sep 13 2023


Polygon blockchain allows users to stake their MATIC tokens and earn matic staking rewards in return. The rewards for staking majorly depend on various factors such as the number of validators present on the network, the amount of activity being done on the network, and the amount of Matic being staked etc.

In the following article, we’ve accumulated all the necessary information regarding Matic Staking Rewards to enable you to make informed decisions for earning more Staking Rewards on Matic.

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What are the Benefits of Staking Matic?

Some of the most attractive benefits of Staking Matic have been listed below:

  1. Earning Matic Rewards: When a user stakes Matic tokens, they earn rewards by getting more Matic tokens. These rewards are provided to encourage more participation in securing the network.
  2. Securing the Network: Staking Matic helps in securing the network and maintaining its trustworthiness. It ensures that all the transactions are processed efficiently and effectively.
  3. Safer Investment: Staking Matic provides you with much more stable returns on your investments. It reduces the risks of volatility of the Crypto Market.
  4. Right to Participate in Governance Decisions: Staking Matic also gives you rights to participate in governing decisions such as voting on proposals. This gives the stakeholders a say on the future direction of the platform.
  5. Staking Pools: Matic offers you several staking pools which makes it easy to stake regardless of how much you invest. This helps in decentralizing the network.

How Matic Staking Rewards work?

Staking is a way by which you pledge your cryptocurrency for a specific period of time in order to validate the transactions on the blockchain for which in return you get the staking rewards in terms of more cryptocurrencies.

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There are 2 ways a staker earns reward in Polygon:

  1. Block Rewards: The Block Rewards are given to the stakers who maintain the security and stability of the network by contributing to validating transactions and maintaining the blockchain. These rewards are distributed by the network itself on the basis of the work done by the stakers on the blockchain to verify the transactions.
  2. Transaction Fees: This fee is paid by the users who send some transactions on the network for which they give transaction fees. Each block producer at Polygon is given a certain percentage of the transaction fees collected in each block. The selection of producers for any given span is also dependent on the validator’s ratio in the overall stake. The remaining transaction fees flow through the same funnel as the rewards which get shared among all validators working on the blockchain.

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How to Earn Matic Staking Rewards with Stader?

You can earn matic staking rewards with Stader’s liquid staking token, MaticX where you get access to instant liquidity and explore exciting DeFi opportunities across the Polygon ecosystem. You’ll get MaticX for your staked Matic. MaticX accrues, autocompounds rewards and grows in value to give you best in class rewards.

Why is Stader the best choice for Staking Matic on Polygon?

We have the best in class features for Staking Matic including:

  1. Simple and Convenient : Stake your Matic the simplest way possible. No minimums. No lockups. One-click staking.
  2. DeFi Ready: Use your MaticX for liquidity mining, lending, trading staked positions and more.
  3. Secure: Best-in-class security - audited by Halborn & Immunebytes, a $1M bug bounty on Immunefi and live monitoring with Forta.

So we hope that you got the understanding of how and why you should choose Stader for staking your Matic. You can visit Polygon staking page for more information on staking Matic on our platform.

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How Much Can You Earn Staking MATIC on Polygon?

Several Factors such as network’s stake participation, amount of Matic staked and duration for which you staked the Matic decide on how much Matic staking rewards you can earn. Generally, you can expect 4% to 30% of  Matic staking rewards annually however there are always market risks involved.

How Safe is Staking MATIC?

According to an analysis conducted by Cryptocurrency experts, the minimum and maximum trading price for the Polygon would be $3.39 and $4.09 with average trading cost to be $3.51 by 2025. However, we should always consider the market conditions and risks on ourselves before making any investments in the crypto market.

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Q)  How much do you get for staking Polygon?

Ans. Several Factors such as network’s stake participation, amount of Matic staked and duration for which you staked the Matic decide on how much Matic staking rewards you can earn. Generally, you can expect 4% to 30% of annual rewards on staking

Q)  What is the benefit of staking Polygon (MATIC)?

Ans. Some of the benefits on Staking Matic have been mentioned below:

  1. Earning Matic Rewards
  2. Safer Investment
  3. Right to Participate in Governance Decisions
  4. Securing the Network

Q)  What are the risks to staking MATIC?

Ans. Generally speaking, cryptocurrencies always have a risk of market conditions therefore we should always be cautious while investing in cryptocurrency.


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