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Stader <> CoinList Priority Queue: Detailed Steps

2 mins read / updated on Fri Sep 08 2023


This article details the steps to follow in order to sign up for CoinList Sale Priority Queue.

Please check the eligibility criteria mentioned in the previous post to check whether you are eligible for the priority queue. Link here.

Disclaimer: Please note that the Final Priority Queue access is determined by CoinList based on their KYC and internal audit/review process. Stader will only submit the list of CoinList registered email IDs that are eligible based on our selection criteria. Final Priority Queue participants will get an email from CoinList with a Priority Queue 18–12 hours before commencement of sale.

Eligibility for Priority Queue will be based on any of the following 3 criteria:

  1. Stader Stakers before CoinList sale announcement (Refer here for details)

2. Stakers post CoinList sale announcement including contest participants (Refer here for details)

3. Early-bird subscribers, Alpha & Beta testers (Refer here for details)

Here are detailed steps to be followed for each of the above three types of users:

1. Stakers before CoinList Sale Announcement

  • Connect to the Stader Dapp here.
  • Click on the CoinList Sale tab (live on product).
  • Follow the steps to sign up for the priority queue.

a) Register on the CoinList page, incase you haven’t yet — Register here.

b) Enter the same email address in the form as that used to register on CoinList.

c) Select the Sale option you would like to be eligible for the priority queue.

d) Submit the form to sign-up by 22 Jan, 23.59 PT.

2) Stakers post CoinList Sale Announcement (Including Contest Participants)

  • Connect to the Stader dApp here.
  • Stake with Stake Pools or Liquid Staking pool — The higher you stake, the better your chances are to get into Priority Queue. (Minimum: 10 Luna in either stake pools or liquid staking).
  • Once you have staked, Click on the Coinlist Sale tab on the dApp (live on product).
  • Follow the same steps as mentioned above in Case 1 to sign up for the priority queue.

3) Early-Bird Subscribers, Alpha & Beta Testers

  • You will receive an email from us confirming your selection with a link to a form (by 19th Jan 23:59 PT).
  • Please fill in the same Email ID you have used to register for CoinList by 22nd Jan, 23:59 PT.
  • Select the sale option for which you want to be a part of the priority queue.

Additional Points to be Noted:

  • You will be considered for the Priority queue only if you meet the eligibility criteria and complete the registration on CoinList and Stader.
  • Priority queue will be given to only one sale option per email ID.
  • If you enter the wrong email address on Stader dApp, you will not be able to participate in the Priority Queue.
  • Final Priority Queue access is determined by CoinList based on their KYC and internal audit/review process.

*Updated on Jan 21st, 10 AM PT.


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