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Update: CoinList Priority Queue

2 mins read / updated on Thu Aug 31 2023


Dear Lunatics!

Thank you for such mad support on our journey to become the first protocol on Terra to do a CoinList token sale. It’s an honor for us to do it, and we could never be here without you.

That’s why we are excited to provide priority queue access during the sale for Stader stakers and early community members. Read on for specific details regarding the process and qualification criteria.

1. Priority Queue details

2. Key steps/ Process

3. Qualification Criteria

1. What is the Priority Queue?

The Priority Queue is an invite-only queue that is significantly shorter than the main token sale queue. Being part of the priority queue increases the chance of participating in the sale.

Learn more here.

Please note that it is not a guarantee to get into the sale.

2. Key Steps/Process:

  • As a first step, you would need to create an account on CoinList and complete their KYC process.
  • Next, register yourself for the Stader Token Sale on CoinList here.
  • Users who meet the qualification criteria & follow the steps mentioned below will have access to the priority queue at the time of SD token sale.
  • You can register for both sale Options. Priority queue will be applicable to only 1 option that you choose.

3. Qualification Criteria

While we would like to give priority queue access to every Lunatic out there, the number of slots is limited. Yet, our goal is to always serve the community. That’s why we are working with CoinList to increase the number of slots.

You are eligible if:

  • You have >= 10 Luna staked on any of Stader Stake Pools on the day of CoinList Sale announcement (13 Jan, 2022) and 22 Jan, 2022.
  • You held on average >=10 LunaX in your wallet based on a random snapshot taken in the week prior to CoinList Sale announcement and 22 Jan, 2022.
  • You held on average >=10 Luna <> LunaX LP on Terra swap based on a random snapshot taken in the week prior to CoinList Sale announcement and 22 Jan, 2022.
  • You were an Alpha or Beta tester of the product.

We will also select 1000 lucky early-bird email subscribers (subscribed before Nov 1st, 2021)

Please note that the above criteria is tentative and we may update the criteria slightly based on new information. We are working with CoinList to increase PQ slots to give access to more members.

Can I be a part of the priority queue if I don’t meet the above criteria?

  • If you don’t meet the above criteria, you still have an opportunity to be a part of the priority queue.
  • We are reserving 10% of priority queue slots for users who have missed out. Increase your chances by staking more up to Jan 22, 23:59 PT.
  • The higher you stake, the better your chances are to get into PQ. (Minimum: 10 Luna in either stake pools or liquid staking)

If I am eligible, what are the next steps?

For eligible stakers, we are working on enabling sign-up on the Stader dApp. Stay tuned for more information. Please note that we will never ask for money and the sale will happen only on the CoinList official website.

Newsletter subscribers who are selected & Alpha/Beta testers will receive an email from us with the next steps.

*Updated on Jan 21st, 10 AM PT.


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