Unlocking Capital Efficiency

Unlocking Capital Efficiency

MaticX liquidity has a new address!!

Stader is migrating its existing MATIC/MaticX pool on balancer to a new MaticX/bb-a-wMATIC pool.

Why are we making this change?

The new MaticX/bb-a-wMATIC utilisis the free wMATIC in the pool by depositing it on the Aave v3 markets generating yield. This makes the new pool more capital efficient and increases passive rewards for liquidity providers to the pool.

You can read more about this on our Balancer proposal here

When will this happen?

The pool has already been created and the veBAL votes are also in, BAL emission are expected to start on 27th April. Stader will add additional SD rewards to enhance the rewards for users migrating to the pool.

What steps do I need to take?

If you are an existing liquidity provider on our current MaticX/MATIC pool on Balancer, you will need to withdraw your liquidity and deposit it in the new pool (link below)

If you currently do not provide liquidity to the MaticX/Matic pool, then now is the time to take advantage of enhanced rewards with Staking + LP

The new pool can be found here

Links will also be provided on the Stader Polygon dApp under the DeFi section.