Tales from Terraverse | Chapter 3

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Tales from Terraverse | Chapter 3
Terraverse Chapter 3: The First Checkpoint

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(Story so far: XDroid lands on Terraverse and is assigned the mission to find the key to immortality. He discovers D-Centra who becomes his partner on the mission. He meets ZERODroid, who shows him a vision that is instrumental in moving forward in the mission and finding the maps to Terraverse — the first step to discovering where the different pieces of the immortality code are hidden.)

X is staring at the endless maze ahead of him. He feels getting out of this would be impossible. Frustrated, he throws the map on the floor. D-Centra hovers on top of the map. Suddenly, a 3D hologram map of the Terraverse pops up. X starts zooming into different parts and finally locates the LOOP HQ on the map.

He discovers a portal that runs beneath LOOP HQ, which is connected to different parts of Terraverse. He immediately rushes back into the tower and finds the circular door marked as ‘T-EXPRESS’. That door is his gateway out of here. He sets the location to Area 99 and is instantly transported there through a tunnel filled with green light. Now, D-Centra and X are looking for the same circular door in Area 99, since that is their only way to reach Area 11.

Area 99

Area 99 is the central location of Terraverse. There is a buzz of activity all around. There are flying drones carrying payloads. There is a massive billboard displaying scrambled data that is glitching frequently. There are power stations around him, with a long queue of droids waiting.

While X is looking around, he spots a flying drone with a familiar green light shining off of it. He knows that he has to follow it. D-Centra and him chase after it on the ground. They pass through crowded streets and alleyways. Finally, they see the flying drone land. They enter a parking lot. Here they find the circular door that reads ‘T-EXPRESS’. They set the location to Area 11 and jump into it.

They reach Area 11. It’s time for the heist to begin. X travels through multiple checkpoints, where he mutates into different forms to escape being discovered, while D-Centra becomes invisible. Finally, X reaches a place where there is a super-calculator in front of him. In front of it, he finds a lone droid, completely dismantled. D-Centra tells him, “This is ‘Numera’ — the one who created this complicated system where all kinds of super-calculations are possible. It went to sleep a long time ago.”

X suspects that the first part of the code is hidden inside Numera. But, how does he get the code out of a dead droid? X realises that he has to bring it back to life. So first, he gets down to rebuilding the droid. Once he is finished, he uses a cable that he connects to his power source to supercharge it. In the process, he loses 10% of his battery. Still, the droid doesn’t come back to life. So, he tries again. But this time, he sees some semblance of life coming back to it.

Finally, X takes a crucial call. He decides to go full blast power. He clicks a button on his suit and a ton of charge is released. Numera instantly comes back to life. And the code is unlocked. X smiles in satisfaction, until….he suddenly passes out. He’s completely out of charge. Bringing the droid back to life drained all the charge he had left in him.

D-Centra hovers over him as X lies motionless on the ground.

What happens next? Find out in Chapter 4.