Stader’s Weekly Update (Oct 26, 2022)

Dear Stader Fam,

Stader’s Weekly Update (Oct 26, 2022)

Dear Stader Fam,

Hope you had a power-packed week like we did! Here’s a look at the highlights and the top DeFi opportunities across the Stader ecosystem.


  • Stader TVL at $156Mn with 24k+ active wallets
  • Stader has partnered with Protocol, a leading decentralized risk protection protocol
  • Stader x Near: LIVE on Aurora, a powerful Ethereum smart contracts executioner on the Near blockchain.
  • LIVE with new Wallet Integrations : Trust Wallet & Coin98 Super App on Stader x Polygon, and ONTO Wallet on Stader x BNB
  • Unlock new DeFi gains with the latest integration on Stader x BNB with Impossible Finance

Top DEFI Opportunities across the Stader Ecosystem

Stader x BNB

Use your $BNBx to maximize your yield

Top picks for the week:

  • Impossible Finance: 11% APR
  • Wombat Exchange: 7% APR
  • Beefy & Ellipsis: 7% APY

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Stader x Polygon

Catch profitable DeFi opportunities with $MaticX

Top picks for the week:

  • QiDAO: 49% APR
  • PolySynth: 25% APY
  • Quickswap: 31% APY

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Stader x Hedera

Use your $HBARx and earn sweet yields.

Top picks for the week:

Top picks for the week:

  • HeliSwap: 30% APR
  • SaucerSwap: 18% APR
  • HeliSwap: 93% APR

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Stader x Fantom

Maximize yields with minted $sFTMx.

Top picks for the week are:

  • Reaper Farm & Granary: 8% APR + 5% Staking Rewards
  • BeethovenX: 8% APR (Incl. Staking Rewards)
  • Reaper Farm & BeethovenX : 23% APR (Incl. Staking Rewards)

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Stader x Near

Use your $NearX & maximize your yield:

  • Jumbo.Exchange: 17% APR
  • Ref Finance: 13% APR
  • Trisolaris: 18% APR

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SD Tokens

Trade Stader’s SD token on top CEXs like OKX, Huobi, along with top DEXs.

Plus, earn extra yield using LPs like:

Stay tuned for more updates. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!