Stader’s Vision for 2022

At the outset, many thanks to the entire Stader Fam for being with us in our journey so far. We have grown to a 50k+ strong community…

Stader’s Vision for 2022

At the outset, many thanks to the entire Stader Fam for being with us in our journey so far. We have grown to a 50k+ strong community within a span of a few months.

Stader first launched in Nov 2021 and it has been a rollercoaster of a ride so far. There has been a great adoption of our products as there is >8.6 M Luna staked and 30k+ unique wallets using the protocol. Several institutions have started using our staking solutions and more are in the pipeline.

We have successfully launched three products since Nov’21.

  1. Stake Pools
  2. Liquid Staking
  3. Stake+

And the fourth one — ‘Degen Vaults’, will be launching shortly.

As we expand our solutions and products further on Terra and beyond, the community and our product adoption will grow manifold from here. We want to make the Stader community a big part of Stader moving forward and the TGE is the first step. We plan to progressively decentralize Stader protocol (details will be published separately).

While we have come a long way, our hunger and passion for building value-adding and innovative solutions for our community and users has only grown manifold. We truly believe in making Stader a key staking infrastructure provider of the future, across PoS networks and even dApps. In the year 2022, we have crazy expansion plans on Terra and beyond while we aspire to achieve >10 Bn TVL overall.

What is in store for 2022?

  1. SD Token Launch (TGE) and Tokenomics
  2. Terra Expansion
  3. Expansion to Other Blockchains
  4. Beyond the Retail Segment

1. SD Token Launch (TGE) and Tokenomics

SD token TGE is around the corner and we are gearing up for CEX and DEX listing in a few days. This is a good time to revisit Stader tokenomics and recap SD token value capture and utility.

a) Distribution of SD tokens: Below chart highlights the distribution of SD tokens.

b) Value Capture for SD Token: Stader charges a % of rewards as fees and the fees is the key revenue source for Stader platform. The fees charged will be in the range 3%-10% of the rewards based on type of solution (if elected by governance). A portion of the protocol fees will be paid to SD token stakers.

c) Token Utility: SD tokens will have 4 major utilities. An additional article about the SD token roadmap will be published this week.

  1. Governance: When users stake SD tokens, they will receive xSD which is an auto-compounding token. xSD will have governance rights.
  2. Preferential Delegations & Slashing Insurance: Validators stake xSD tokens to receive preferential delegations and provide slashing insurance. In v2, any xSD holder can stake to support a validator that he/she prefers by staking on his/her behalf.
  3. Liquidity Pools: Liquidity providers for SD, xSD pairs with stables/native tokens will receive SD token rewards and pool fees.
  4. Stader Infrastructure: Third-party protocols will stake xSD tokens to leverage Stader contracts/infrastructure.

2. Terra Expansion

a> Stake Pools

After the successful launch of Stake Pools, we’re looking to make it even better by building strategies on top of it, so users can play around with their staking rewards. Right now, you have the option to set a percentage on how much you want to auto-compound your staking rewards or withdraw them. We’re adding more possibilities in terms of strategy for you: ApolloDAO Vaults and much more is coming. Watch out!

b> Liquid Staking

We started with a few possibilities with LunaX, but it’s going to explode in the coming months. Now, LunaX is live on Mirror and Edge, with multiple possibilities to earn yield. Get set for a number of upcoming protocols that will take LunaX use-cases to the next level. And, we’re looking forward to seeing LunaX become the go-to way to approach degen strategies on Terra.

c> Stake+

We built the Stake+ product to become a place to spotlight smaller validators who’re doing great things for the community. After our initial launch of 6 Validators, we’ve just added Danku to the mix. Over the next few weeks, we will expand this to all good performing validators. We hope Stake+ becomes the de facto way to stake with individual validators soon.

d> Degen Vaults (Coming Soon)

The Terra ecosystem is growing exponentially with multiple innovative protocols that are going to become use-cases for LunaX. Stader aims to create a platform that provides LUNAtics pre-made strategies designed by degens, so that anyone can get access to degen-level yields in the future with one click. In the future, anyone will be able to develop a strategy and create a vault (if governance approved).

3. Expansion to Other Blockchains

By the end of 2022, we plan to launch Stader staking contracts and infrastructure across at least 10+ PoS networks. Our contracts across Fantom, Solana, Hedera, Polygon will be launched over the next few weeks. As we expand to other blockchains, we will continue to build loyal users and active community members and grow the Stader fam much bigger.

How do we manage the governance of Stader protocol across PoS networks? We will share full details in a separate post.

4. Beyond the Retail Segment

Several institutional customers (including most of our investors) are already leveraging Stader smart contracts to stake their Luna across Stake Pools, Stake+ and LunaX. We have gone a step further and are building product integrations with custodians and exchanges too.

As we expand our solutions to several PoS networks, the aggregated offering of all networks PoS staking (liquid and stake pools) with a single integration will be a potent and irresistible offering by Stader Labs to institutional/enterprise customers.

While we move fast, security is paramount to us and will continue to invest in pro-active audits, extensive testing of our smart contracts (we have done 6 audits of our Terra smart contracts so far). We will also build an in-house team of security experts to ensure the highest possible levels of security.

2022 is about to become a critical year for the whole Stader Fam. Our users and community members drive our passion to continue creating innovative solutions. Thank you for being part of this crazy journey and inspiring us to build more.