Stader’s Liquid Staking on Aptos

Proof of Stake blockchains are a massive improvement on their Proof of Work counterparts. Their faster transaction speed and lower costs…

Stader’s Liquid Staking on Aptos

Proof of Stake blockchains are a massive improvement on their Proof of Work counterparts. Their faster transaction speed and lower costs make them highly scalable and energy efficient in nature. There is hence an increasing focus on emerging PoS blockchains and an exciting update at this front is the upcoming launch of the Aptos Blockchain which already boasts of a thriving and growing community!

Plain staking on PoS blockchains however has one major drawback — the locking up of funds as users stake their tokens to earn steady staking rewards. Stader helps overcome this through its liquid staking solution where users get a mirror token (liquid staking derivative), equivalent in value to the native token staked. This mirror token can then be used across DeFi protocols across a blockchain to earn additional yield over and above staking rewards .

Stader is now planning to bring its liquid staking solution to Aptos backed by powerful Defi integrations to unlock limitless yield farming opportunities for the users. Stader’s Liquid Staking Derivative on Aptos will be called AptX. Here’s a deep dive on Stader and its liquid token AptX:

Stader: An Introduction

Stader Labs is a multi-chain liquid staking protocol. It’s vision is to make staking mainstream with 1Bn+ users earning passive income through staking across major Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains. We have a 150K+ strong community that has been part of our staking revolution and we are thrilled to now add the APTOS community to our growing family of stakers!

Stader launched on erstwhile Terra, now Terra Classic in the November of last year and reached $1Bn+ in TVL during its peak. Over the next few months, we have executed at rocket speed and are currently present across 6 major blockchains namely Hedera, Polygon, Bnb, Near, Fantom, Terra2.0. Our current TVL is $80Mn+ with 70K+ stakers till date.

What does Stader bring to the Aptos Ecosystem?

  • SD Backed Boosted APYs — Stader issues additional rewards to its stakers in its native SD token. It is an ERC-20 token listed across multiple exchanges such as, OKX, Bybit, Bitget, Huobi Global, and LBank. Backed by multiple revenue streams, SD token is poised to grow & accrue superior rewards. Aptos users will get to earn SD as rewards on staking and DeFi protocols based on Stader integrations
  • Rapid Protocol Integrations — Stader’s token on Aptos, AptX, is being designed to offer instant liquidity to the stakers. We will also be undertaking rapid integrations with protocols across the board, such as DEXs, lending/borrowing protocols, yield aggregators/optimizers, wallets to offer best-in-class earnings & user experience
  • Superior Validator Selection — Rigorous databacked validator evaluation, selection and monitoring to strengthen decentralization while optimizing user returns
  • Strong Executing Team — Team Stader has launched across 6 blockchains in less than a year. We had achieved $1Bn+ in TVL across 35000 wallets prior to the Terra collapse and are standing strong at $80Mn+ in TVL even in a market downturn. This has been brought about by our strong experience in smart contract development, UI/UX design, business development & marketing.We bring this strong experience to Aptos to provide the best liquid staking solution possible.

AptX: Stader’s Liquid Token on Aptos

Users shall be able to stake Aptos with Stader and shall receive $AptX in return.

This $AptX can then be used for a plethora of earning & yield farming opportunities made possible by Stader’s integrations across Aptos ecosystem. This is over and above the rewards earned on staking with Stader.

Users can use $AptX to swap it for liquidity on exchanges. It shall also have frictionless movement on lending & borrowing protocols, order book exchanges & more.

The possibilities are endless with $AptX. The smart contract is currently under development & we are hoping to release it at the earliest.

Stader is also very focused on community. We hope to do regular meet-ups, partnerships & activities to engage with fellow buidlers as much as possible. Please do follow us on social media to stay in touch with our latest initiatives on Aptos: