Stader x Fantom: What Does the Future Hold?

Stader is on a mission to decentralize PoS networks through staking middleware infrastructure that makes it easy for customers across…

Stader x Fantom: What Does the Future Hold?

Stader is on a mission to decentralize PoS networks through staking middleware infrastructure that makes it easy for customers across segments (crypto natives, institutions, exchanges, fintechs, venture funds) to conveniently and safely stake their tokens. We outlined our vision for Stader in our litepaper as a multi-chain, multi-product platform for staking, and we will soon take a big step in making that vision a reality with the expansion to Fantom. Today, we wanted to share our vision for Fantom specifically with the community.

What excites us about launching on Fantom?

We are big fans of Fantom. Fantom’s unique technology (finality in seconds, low transaction costs) and collaborative community has turned Fantom into a thriving ecosystem with ~1M daily transactions, ~100k daily active users, ~140 dAPPs! We are grateful to the Fantom foundation for partnering with us early in our journey and making it official with a grant in January.

Our Vision for Fantom

Unleash the majority of staked assets, currently locked in staking, into the ecosystem through our liquid staking solution. Additionally, create convenient staking infrastructure to decentralize Fantom and help the community stake and manage FTM easily.

What will the future look like?

  • We want to build a future where community members will no longer have to choose between securing the network through staking and participating in the thriving DeFi, NFT, gaming protocols on Fantom.
  • Investing in the Fantom ecosystem becomes doubly rewarding for users with access to both staking and DeFi rewards (on the liquid token) across liquidity pools, yield farming, lending and borrowing.
  • With unlocked liquidity, an even greater number of projects across DeFi, NFT, gaming and more can be supported on Fantom amplifying the value of the ecosystem.
  • The community will have access to a comprehensive range of staking opportunities from convenient, simplified plain staking to vaults that can provide tranched rewards based on the staker’s risk appetite.
  • Fantom will support a large, growing number of validators with Stader providing a convenient way for the community to stake with multiple validators at once
  • We’ll bring our infrastructure so the thriving Fantom developer community can build their custom staking products on top of Stader solutions.

How will we do this?

Our liquid staking solution will allow users to stake FTM and get a fungible liquid token back that shows their claim to the underlying staked assets. We will work with the ecosystem projects to ensure wide usability of these tokens on DEXs, lending/borrowing protocols, yield aggregators and more. This will only be Phase 1 of what we are building on Fantom.

We are going to build a full suite of staking products on Fantom which will be rolled out in a phased manner.

  • Next we will launch simplified staking, which gives token holders the option of investing in a basket of validators with one click. The product will also offer auto-compounding and yield redirection strategies configurable by the user.
  • Enable easy validator discovery by showcasing key validator metrics on the Stader platform
  • No reward claims/ restaking with wallet, leading to a more tax efficient structure for certain jurisdictions*
  • Prevent slashing by monitoring the performance of underlying validators and adjusting the pool balance
  • More products such as Vault+ (which offer token holders a chance to pick strategies tailored to their risk tolerance), tax efficient staking will follow later

We will be back with more details on the launch, including dates and more, very soon.

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