Stader and Avado: Simplifying ETH Staking

Stader and Avado partnership with an aim to make ETH staking more accessible & easy!

Stader and Avado: Simplifying ETH Staking

Stader is proud to announce a partnership with Avado, the leading plug-and-play staking solution in the Ethereum ecosystem. Together we aim to make ETH staking more accessible & easy!

Avado: An Introduction

Avado simplifies staking, running nodes, and yield farming while removing technical and capital barriers. You can connect to it via a WiFi hotspot or Remote Connect and manage it globally through a user-friendly interface. The devices come with a pre-installed OS which has made node setup a cakewalk.

Avado also includes an integrated DappStore offering a wide range of installable Dapps. With its automatic update feature, you can easily keep up with the latest versions. Additionally, its customized onboarding wizard simplifies package configuration by eliminating the need for command line prompts.

Currently, Avado offers two devices: Avado i7 and Avado r9.

The Avado i7 serves as the entry-level device recommended for participating in ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake. It boasts an Intel i7–10710U processor, 32GB RAM, and 2 / 4 and 8TB NVMe SSD storage. With the Avado i7, users can effortlessly run an ETH2.0 Validator, Beacon chain, and ETH1 node simultaneously.

On the other hand, the Avado r9 is the higher-performance solution. Equipped with an AMD Ryzen 9–5900hx processor featuring 8 cores, 64GB RAM, and 6 / 10 / 12 and 16TB NVMe SSD storage, the Avado r9 is designed for advanced users. It facilitates running nodes on multiple chains simultaneously.

Recently, Avado announced the launch of Avado i5, which will further lower the staking barrier, providing everyone with a level playing field to stake. It has an Intel i5–1035G4 CPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD storage. The device will roll out around the same time when ETHx will launch on the mainnet.

Avado X Stader

Last week, we unveiled Avado as our Power Up partner. With Avado’s plug-and-play solutions and ETHx’s 4 ETH bond, we aim to lower the entry barrier to Ethereum staking. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to enable a broader audience to participate in the ETH staking ecosystem, making the network more decentralized.

As part of this partnership, ETHX nodes can be run on Avado devices in 3 simple steps:

  • Download the Stader ETHx package from the Avado DappStore
  • Follow the simple no-code installation process
  • Avado will take care of all the remaining configurations & updates

Early Bird Incentive Program

To encourage participation in the ETH ecosystem and enhance the rewards for node operators, Stader is offering enticing $SD rewards to Avado’s ETHx node runners. The rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards based on user status:

New Avado Users

This program is for new Avado buyers. Users can earn 100 $SD per ETHx validator, with a limit of 16 validators per device. Owners of both the i7 and r9 Avado devices will be eligible for the rewards. There are a total of 400 validator slots available exclusively for new users.

Existing Avado Users

This program is for existing Avado users. Users can earn 50 $SD per ETHx validator, with a limit of 8 validators per device. A total of 500 validator slots are available for existing users.

Seize the opportunity to spin up an ETHx node and claim your share of $SD rewards.

Avado’s user-friendly devices and Stader’s innovative solutions are making ETH node operations a breeze. We invite you to take full advantage of this partnership. Order your Avado device today at & be ready for the ETHx launch. We are just a few weeks away!

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