Say hello to Stader’s new branding!

Say hello to Stader’s new branding!

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Stader is rebranding — we’re launching a new logo that will fit our vision better in the long run.

As you know, Stader’s vision is to help 1 billion users stake their assets conveniently and safely through its platform. To enable this, we are building key staking middleware infrastructure for PoS networks that can be leveraged for several customer segments including retail crypto users, exchanges, custodians and mainstream fintech players. Stader’s extremely modular smart contracts are built so that third parties can leverage their components and make custom solutions.

Our old cyberpunk identity was great, don’t get us wrong, but it hasn’t evolved to fit our mission to be the building blocks of the future of staking.

That’s why we have a sleeker and refreshed look that will mirror our ethos. We’re here today to tell you why we’re making this change and look forward to your continued support in our journey.

Our initial design came into being even before the company launched. It was futuristic and colourful with a dabble in cyberpunk to reflect the crypto fun we had in mind.

Today, Stader visualizes itself as becoming the cornerstone of staking. Our product lineup is geared towards building a community that can depend on us for everything in the crypto world. That requires a solid and distinguishable identity.

Keeping that in mind, we bring to you our fresh logo — simple, classic and enduring — a reflection of what we are.

Also, we’ve revamped our website:

Love to hear your thoughts and suggestions as always.

- Team Stader

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