NearX — The Next-Gen Liquid Staking Solution on NEAR

Stader is excited to announce that we are soon launching on the NEAR protocol with our liquid staking product NearX. Development is in…

NearX — The Next-Gen Liquid Staking Solution on NEAR

Stader is excited to announce that we are soon launching on the NEAR protocol with our liquid staking product NearX. Development is in final stages & we expect to be ready for mainnet launch in a few weeks from now. All updates on our launch can be found @stader_near on Twitter.

About Stader

Stader’s vision is to make staking mainstream with 1Bn+ users earning passive income through staking across major Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains. Executing at rocket speed, Stader has built native smart contracts across five major PoS chains including Hedera, Fantom, Polygon, Terra 2.0 and Terra Classic in just a few months.

At Stader, we have a 150K+ strong community that has been part of our staking revolution and we are thrilled to now add the NEAR community to our growing family of stakers!


NEAR’s mission of taking Web3 to a billion users resonates deeply with Stader’s commitment to taking liquid staking to 1 billion wallets.

As the adoption of Web 3.0 increases, blockchains that offer high throughput at better costs will be instrumental in taking it to the masses. NEAR’s unique sharding technology imparts a current capacity to process 100k transactions per second. The Climate Neutral Product Label it was awarded in 2021 showcases the commitment it has towards environmental sustainability while the strong market cap brings with itself interesting defi possibilities.

All the above points combine to make NEAR a highly capable and future ready blockchain and Stader is proud to be a part of NEAR’s growth story.

What will Stader bring to the NEAR Ecosystem?

Stader aims to bring the most convenient and powerful liquid staking solution on NEAR protocol driven by the following:

High Quality Validator Selection: Stader’s NearX will have a high quality validator pool based on detailed data led performance evaluation and consistent performance monitoring of validators. In order to ensure decentralization, Stader will apply a cut-off for validators based on their voting power.

Best in class APY backed by SD rewards: Stader will bring best in class staking APY for its users through performance based validator selection and SD reward emissions. SD is Stader’s native token listed across multiple exchanges such as, OKX, Bybit, Bitget, Huobi Global, and LBank. Stader’s diversified multi-chain business model will help create steady revenues. This will accrue to SD token holders through token price growth and stability, thereby augmenting their staking returns.

DeFi opportunities through rapid protocol integrations: Stader stakers on NEAR will have access to instant liquidity and a plethora of yield farming opportunities across DeX’s, lending/borrowing protocols, order book exchanges etc. Stader is actively working on partnerships across the NEAR ecosystem with major protocols to enable this.

Strong executing team: Our team has deep experience in liquid staking, smart contract development, UI/UX design, marketing and business management and will bring the best user experience in Liquid staking on the NEAR protocol. Regular interactions and co-education are the foundational pillars of our community engagement & feedback programme.This will enable us to bring to reality products that the Near tribe wants.

Fund security: Ensuring security of our users’ funds is of utmost importance to us. We have already undergone 13 extensive audits by leading cyber security firms for our products across Terra (Classic and 2.0), Fantom, Hedera and Polygon. The liquid staking smart contract on NEAR will be audited by Halborn.

Progress so far

We are all set for our Beta launch on NEAR and are engaging community members to share their feedback on our product so that we can bring the best of staking to the NEAR tribe. The top 7 contributors will earn $100 each. If this is something that excites you, please register here.

We have also kick-started our ‘Know your Community’ program where we partner with a NEAR community every week to bring to users interesting updates, learning programs and prizes.

Our educational program called ‘NEAR Nuggets’ is now live with detailed posts on features and products in the NEAR ecosystem. The first topic covered was Nightshade, NEAR’s flagship sharding technology. The blog on the same is available here.

We are starting with AMAs too. Our first AMA with NEAR Malaysia is just round the corner. We will be answering questions on Stader and our liquid staking product NearX from the community and will share interesting updates!

Please join us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord to stay tuned with the latest action as it unfolds.