How to migrate your $SD tokens to Ethereum?

How to migrate your $SD tokens to Ethereum?

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4 Step Easy-to-Follow Guide for migrating your $SD tokens to Ethereum. This communication pertains to all who are currently holding:

  • Unclaimed SD tokens
  • Staked SD tokens
  • SD tokens in unbonding period

We have compiled an easy-to-follow 4-step guide to help you migrate your $SD tokens from Terra to Ethereum.

This is a simple process where you have to provide an Ethereum (Metamask) wallet address from where you will be able to claim your $SD tokens on Ethereum. This should be completed on or before 5 pm UTC on June 12, 2022.

Step 1: Open your Terra station wallet extension. Change your network to ‘Classic’.

Step 2: Go to the Terra dapp and connect your wallet.

Step 3: Click on ‘Register your ETH wallet’ on the left-hand pane.

Step 4: Enter your ETH wallet address and click on ‘Register’.

P.S. Stader Labs recommends Metamask Wallet.

P.S. — Please ensure you register your ETH wallet address on or before 5 pm UTC on June 12 2022.

You will be able to directly claim your $SD tokens on Stader website with your registered ETH address from 15th June, 2 pm UTC onwards.

Please reach out to our telegram tech support here in case you have any further questions.

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