ETHx Launch and Security Update

ETHx is now coming to mainnet!

ETHx Launch and Security Update
ETHx is now coming to mainnet!

After all these days of focused effort and development, we’re thrilled to share this update with you.

ETHx is now coming to mainnet!

We saw an amazing response from the community on testnet, having successfully completed comprehensive beta testing on Goerli with ~500 permissionless node operators, 5 permissioned node operators, 50+ users and 5 oracle nodes.

Our launch on the mainnet is scheduled in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Internal Mainnet with System Monitoring (2–3 weeks)

At Stader, security is paramount!

That’s why our smart contracts are currently undergoing a triple audit by 3 of the leading blockchain and cyber security experts:

  • Sigma Prime
  • Halborn
  • Code4rena

Preliminary reports from Sigma Prime and Halborn have already been received.

Next steps:

  • Launch of smart contracts on the mainnet on June 5th
  • Internal testing by the Stader team.
  • Monitoring of system integrity with 5–10 internal validators

The internal testing phase will last 2–3 weeks.

Note: We are running an open competition with Code4rena during this stage. More info here.

Phase 2: Mainnet Closed Beta Launch (2–3 weeks)

After completing exhaustive internal testing and addressing the complete audit report from Sigma Prime, Halborn and Code4rena, we will open the protocol for closed beta on the mainnet.

  • During this stage, we will engage with a selected set of users and validators from the pool of both permissionless and permissioned node operators.
  • We’ll also onboard external oracle members, integrating them one-by-one over a two-week period.
  • Our goal is to monitor the system carefully during the closed mainnet beta to verify its stability and reliability.

This stage will last for 2–3 weeks.

Phase 3: Mainnet Uncapped Launch

After monitoring and validating the system successfully in the closed beta, we plan to formally launch our platform to the public in early July.

At Stader, we’re excited to contribute towards the decentralization and security of Ethereum liquid staking by building a more inclusive, accessible and community driven solution. We hope that ETHx empowers node operators and users alike with access to the most rewarding opportunities.

For any questions/thoughts you may have, please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, Discord or Telegram.

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