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What is SD?

Stader (SD) token is the native governance and value accrual token for Stader. It is an ERC-20 token in limited supply capped at 150Mn tokens

SD Token Distribution

SegmentTotal Supply in %Release Schedule
Rewards + Farming0.36Release schedule based on individual rewards program as determined via governance
Team + Advisors0.176 month cliff followed by linear vesting for 36 months
Private Sale0.17TGE Unlock: 0-5% of allotment unlocked at TGE Vesting: Linear vesting across 36 months post TGE
DAO Fund0.15To be determined through governance
Ecosystem Fund0.110.5%-1.5% to be unlocked at TGE. Rest of the unlock based on governance.
Public Sale0.04Option 1 - at $4.50 with 3 Mn supply with a forty-day lockup continued by a twenty percent release on a monthly basis for March–July 2022. Option 2 - at $3.33 with 3 Mn supply with a three-month lockup for the token followed by a twenty percent release on a bi-monthly basis for April–December 2022.

SD Token Utilities

Governance and votingParticipate in various governance related aspects of Stader protocol including decisions about rewards, validator selection criteria, protocol expansion etc.
Staking rewardsStake SD tokens and earn a share of protocol fees as staking rewards (if elected by governance)
Liquidity MiningProvide SD liquidity across DEXs to get SD incentives (if elected by governance)
Preferential DelegationsPreferential delegations to validators based on the amount of SD tokens staked