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Stader for Polygon

What is Stader building on Polygon?

Stader’s staking solution for Polygon is MATICX, a liquid staking solution for MATIC. Stader lets users earn MATIC staking rewards and also enables users to participate in other Defi protocols using MaticX while accruing rewards.

Stader for Polygon gives you

  • Liquidity through tokenization- Users can participate in Defi using the liquid token.
  • Ease of staking - User-centric design of Dapp to make staking seamless for users

Learn more here.

Does Stader have any experience with staking?

We are a battle-tested team and have deployed smart contracts for staking on multiple blockchain platforms. You can read more about us on our website here.

How does MATIC staking on Stader work?

A MATIC token holder connects their wallet on the Stader Dapp and deposits tokens with our smart contract. They immediately receive the MATICX tokens representing their staked assets.