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What is MATICX?

MATICX is a token that represents your share of the total MATIC pool deposited with Stader. As soon as you deposit MATIC on the Stader smart contract, you receive newly minted MATICX, based on the exchange rate at the time of staking.

What is the MATICX exchange rate and how does it change?

The exchange rate represents the total value of the Stake Pool for every MATICX in circulation. At launch, the MATICX exchange rate is initialized to 1.

How many MATICX will I get after staking MATIC?

You will receive MATICX tokens equal to the amount of MATIC staked divided by the exchange rate. Is the MATICX token automatically associated? Yes, the Stader smart contracts associate MATICX with the user wallet, whenever staking occurs.

Where can I use MATICX?

You can read about the mechanics of MaticX in our explainer here.

We have an extensive list of partnerships that support MaticX. The spectrum of partners include DEXs, yield farming protocols, lending/borrowing, DeFi Option Vaults and more. The following list of partners are live:


  • QuickSwap
  • Balancer
  • Meshswap
  • Dystopia

Lending / Borrowing

  • Aave
  • 0vix


  • Beefy Finance

Leverage Staking Automation

  • Cian

Stablecoin Minting

  • QiDao


  • Polysynth
  • DeltaTheta

Polygon 2.0

Do Stader's Matic stakers have to take any action to accommodate for Polygon 2.0 - Phase 0 changes?

We are in constant discussion with the Polygon team, as per our current understanding these changes will not affect the way MaticX operates currently. For phase 0 of Polygon 2.0, stakers on Polygon POS do not have to take any action. Moreover there will be an ample time overlap and two way convertibility with MATIC and the new token POL. We will communicate relevant changes to our community (if any) as things near implementation. For Phase 0, there is no change in how MaticX operates. For more info please refer:


IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS AS TO WHAT ACTIONS YOU SHOULD TAKE, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU CONSULT WITH YOUR LEGAL, FINANCIAL, TAX OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR(S). No part of this Whitepaper is to be reproduced, distributed or disseminated without including this section.

The sole purpose of this Whitepaper is to present tokens to potential token holders. The information is provided for INFORMATION PURPOSES only.

It may not be exhaustive and doesn’t imply any elements of a contractual relationship or obligations. Despite the fact that we make every effort to ensure the accuracy, up to date and relevance of any material in this Whitepaper, this document and materials contained herein are not professional advice and in no way constitutes the provision of professional advice of any kind.

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Further, Project does not make or purport to make, and hereby disclaims, any representation, warranty or undertaking in any form whatsoever to any entity, person, or authority, including any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the truth, accuracy and completeness of any of the information set out in this Whitepaper. You should contact relevant independent professional advisors before relying or making any commitments or transactions based on the material published in this Whitepaper.

You don’t have the right and shouldn’t buy tokens if you are a citizen or resident (tax or otherwise) of any country or territory where transactions with digital tokens and/or digital currencies are prohibited or in any other manner restricted by applicable laws. (“Person” is generally defined as a natural person residing in the relevant state or any entity organized or incorporated under the laws of the relevant state). Purchased tokens cannot be offered or distributed as well as cannot be resold or otherwise alienated by their holders to mentioned persons. It is your sole responsibility to establish, by consulting (if necessary) your legal, tax, accounting or other professional advisors, what requirements and limitations, if any, apply to your particular jurisdiction, and ensure that you have observed and complied with all restrictions, at your own expense and without liability to Project.

Tokens MATICX are not and will not be intended to constitute securities, digital currency, commodity, or any other kind of financial instrument and have not been registered under relevant securities regulations, including the securities laws of any jurisdiction in which a potential token holder is a resident.

This Whitepaper is not a prospectus or a proposal, and its purpose is not to serve as a securities offer or request for investments in the form of securities in any jurisdiction. However, in spite of the above, legislation of certain jurisdictions may, now or in future, recognize MATICX tokens as securities.

Project does not accept any liability for such recognition and\or any legal and other consequences of such recognition for potential owners of MATICX tokens, nor pro- vide any opinions or advice regarding the acquisition, sale or other operations with MATICX tokens, and the fact of the provision of this Whitepaper doesn’t form the basis or should not be relied upon in matters related to the conclusion of contracts or acceptance investment decisions.