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What is new in V3 of the Stader dApp?

Since the inception of our staking dApp on hedera, the idea was always to align with protocol staking once it goes live. With V3, users will be able to stake on nodes, earn rewards, and more via Stader.

Has V3 been audited?

Yes, as always, security is paramount for us before we make our products publicly available. V3 has been audited by Halbourne

Are there any risks involved?

Albeit we run thorough tests to make sure our platforms are secure, there is always some risk involved. However, since your liquid token will earn rewards while your staked HBAR is in our contract, the risk factor is minimum.

Is this the same as protocol/native staking?

Although aligned with protocol staking, Stader offers more options that are advantageous for the users, such as; -Optimized node selection -Auto-compounding -Minimum transaction fee -Minimum contract risk -Tax efficiency* (Disclaimer: Not financial advice. Please consult with your financial advisor)

Why is there a daily pause/unpause?

Everyday from 11:55pm UTC to 00:05 am UTC, the dApp will be pauses as rewards from protocol staking are collected and the exchange rate is updated.