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Rewards and Earnings

What is the emission rate?

The rewards, in HBAR, are added to the Stake Pool TVL after each Epoch. Where the Epoch is the time period between two rewards being added to the Stake Pool TVL. At launch, Epoch will be set to 24 hrs.

How can I calculate my earnings?

When HBARX is multiplied by the exchange rate, it gives the current worth of HBAR. If you subtract the original HBAR amount invested from this, you get your earnings.

Earnings=(HBARX  Exchange rate)(HBAR Invested by User){Earnings} = {{(HBARX}\ *\ {Exchange\ rate)}} - {(HBAR\ Invested\ by\ User)}

How are rewards/emission rate calculated?

Stader has announced a tiered emission rate reward system till June 30, 2022.
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  • Update1: for July 2022 also the emission rate is set to 668K HBAR per epoch(24 hrs)
  • Update2: for Aug 2022 the emission rate is set to 665K HBAR per epoch (24 hrs)

How can I redeem HBARX for HBAR?

Unstaking of HBARX will move, HBAR amount equal to HBARX multiplied by Exchange rate from staking contract to unstaking contract.There is an unbonding time of 1 days after which user can withdraw to users wallet from Stader Dapp in Withdraw section.

Do i earn rewards during unbonding period?

Rewards are accumulated only when HBAR of the user is in the Staking contract.During unstaking of HBARX, HBAR is moved from staking contract to unstaking contract. So, rewards are not accumulated for the HBARX that is unstaked.

Is Stader going to integrate with DeFi platforms?

We are working with various upcoming DeFi protocols on Hedera to improve the liquidity of HBARX going forward.