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How is the HBAR output amount calculated?

The output HBAR is calculated as the HBARX amount entered in the input field multiplied by the current .

What is Unbonding period?

Unbonding time is the interval after unstaking, post which the user is able to withdraw funds to their wallet.

  • Update : It is to 7 days in the V2 release.
  • Update : It is set to 1 day on Aug 8th 2022.

What happens after I Unstake?

After an unstake request is successful, an entry is created in the withdraw section with a release time. After the release time passes, the user can withdraw HBAR to their respective wallet.After the release time passes user can withdraw HBAR to the respective wallet.

What is release time?

Release time is the local time of the user displayed on the ‘Withdraw’ Section of Dapp for active withdrawals, post which ‘withdraw’ button is activated. Release time = Unstaking time at which users unstaking request is successful + Unbonding time

Is the Exchange rate of the Pool affected by Unstaking?

No, in the shared pool approach, the exchange rate is not affected by unstaking, as HBARX is burnt and corresponding HBAR (HBARX multiplied by exchange rate) is moved from staking contract to unstaking contract.