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How can I enter the amount of HBAR to Stake?

You can manually enter the amount of HBAR you would like to stake in the field provided. Please note that you must have enough HBAR in balance to pay for the transaction (typically ~1 HBAR). You can also use Max button to decide on the amount, these buttons subtract an expected transaction cost in HBAR from your current account balance and enter the remaining amount

How is the HBARX output amount calculated?

The output HBARX is calculated as the HBAR amount entered in the input field divided by the current .

What is the APY seen on the Stader Dapp?

The APY shown on the Stader Dapp is the annualized rate of rewards added to the Stake Pool TVL per Epoch.

The formula for APY is

APY=(Emission rate)(no. of epochs in a year)TVL{APY}={{(Emission\ rate)*(no.\ of\ epochs\ in\ a\ year)}\over {TVL}}

  • Please note that the APY is dynamic and does not guarantee a rate of return for the full year. It is only a representation of the rewards added for an Epoch as an annualized rate.
  • Also, note that as TVL increases and the Emission rate is fixed the APY drops and is - - dynamically updated on the Stader UI.
  • Transactions are accurate to 7 decimals.