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What is HBARX?

HBARX is a Hedera Token Service (HTS) token that represents your share of the total HBAR pool deposited with Stader. As soon as you deposit HBAR on the Stader smart contract, you receive newly minted HBARX, based on the exchange rate at the time of staking. As the HBAR rewards get added the value of HBARX increases (w.r.t HBAR).

To illustrate the above explanation, here is a video

What is the HBARX exchange rate and how does it change?

The exchange rate represents the total value of the Stake Pool for every HbarX in circulation.

Exchange rate=Total HBAR in Stake poolHBARX in circulation{Exchange\ rate} = {{Total\ HBAR\ in\ Stake\ pool}\over{HBARX\ in\ circulation}}

At launch, the HBARX exchange rate is initialized to 1. When rewards are added to the pool, the HBARX: HBAR exchange rate will increase.

Exchange rate(after rewards)=Exchange rate(before rewards)+Rewards AddedHBARX in circulation{Exchange\ rate(after\ rewards)} = {Exchange\ rate(before\ rewards)} + {{Rewards\ Added}\over{HBARX\ in\ circulation}}

How much HBARX will I get after staking HBAR?

You will receive HBARX tokens equal to the amount of HBAR staked divided by the exchange rate. Alternatively, you can use our widget to try different scenarios after connecting your wallet.

Is the HBARX token automatically associated?

Yes, the Stader smart contracts associate HBARX with the user wallet, whenever staking occurs.