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Stader Dapp

How can I enter the amount of BNB to Stake?

You can manually enter the amount of BNB you would like to stake in the field provided. Please note that you must have enough BNB in balance to pay for the transaction

How is the BNBx output amount calculated?

The output BNBx is calculated as the BNB amount entered in the input field multiplied by the current exchange rate.

What is the APY seen on the Stader Dapp?

The APY shown on the Stader Dapp is the annualized rate of rewards available via staking BNB tokens after daily autocomounding of rewards. This rate is subject to variance based on BNB Chain and can vary from checkpoint to checkpoint.

I am seeing an error message while staking/unstaking, what should I do?

Take a screenshot of the error message shown and share it on the Stader BNB telegram group. The admins will reach out to you to get further details and share with the Stader BNB team to resolve the same.