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Delegate SD

The SD Utility Pool offers a user-friendly interface for SD holders to conveniently delegate their SD to the Pool.

Rewards Accrual

There are two types of rewards for SD delegators:

  1. Base Rewards - Rewards generated from the utilization fee paid by Node Operators (calculated as Utilization Rate * Utilization Percentage). Currently, the utilization rate is set at 10%. The fees collected from the node operators are added back to the Utility Pool, increasing its liquidity. Consequently, Delegators' SD Holdings in the pool grow. For delegators, My Holdings = Delegated SD + Fee Earned for delegation
  2. Boosted Rewards - For early adopters, Stader DAO will provide SD rewards from the treasury to bootstrap the product. These rewards are distributed based on the amount of SD delegated, meaning more delegation results in more rewards. Boosted rewards are automatically sent to the Delegator's wallet upon any withdrawal of their holdings.

After the initial bootstrapping phase, delegators will solely receive rewards from the utilization fees paid by Node Operators(Base rewards). There won't be any rewards coming from the Stader DAO treasury.

Delegation limit for each delegator

  • Minimum: 1 SD
  • Maximum: No Limit

How to Delegate SD?

Step 1: Click on the “Connect Wallet” button

Step 2: Accept Terms of Service by clicking on the checkbox & select your wallet out of the given options.

Step 3: Enter the amount of SD you wish to Delegate to the SD Utility Pool. Once the delegation amount is entered, click on the “Delegate SD” button.

Step 4: Sign the transaction in your wallet and that’s all! Once successful you should see the confirmation screen.