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What is the process of withdrawing Near on Stader?

To simplify withdrawing Near, we have created step by step guides

Withdraw Near on Near Network

Withdraw wNear on Aurora Network

Withdraw Near using Lockup Account

What are the entries in the Withdraw section?

Unstaking transaction with its respective release time, and the unstaked Near are shown in the withdraw section. “Withdraw” gets activated after the release time.

What is the Release time?

Release time is the local time of the user displayed on the Withdraw Section of Dapp for active withdrawals.

Release time=Unstaking time at which users unstaking request is successful+Unbonding time{Release\ time} = {Unstaking\ time\ at\ which\ users\ unstaking\ request\ is\ successful} + {Unbonding\ time}

What is the Amount shown ?

Amount shown is the number of Near received post unstaking, that will be transferred to your wallet after you click “Withdraw”.

I have unstaked twice. But I am having just 1 transaction in withdraw section. Why am I not seeing other requests?

If you already have an unbonding request in progress & you want to initiate another unstake request, your old request will get merged with the new request. Total Amount will be available for withdrawal post the unbonding period of last unstaking request. As a result you will just see 1 active transaction in the withdraw section of the dapp