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Lockup Account Staking

What are lockup accounts on NEAR?

A Lockup Account is an arrangement that ensures that the $NEAR tokens are not transferable until their release time. Accounts that are subject to a lockup are implemented as contract-based locks atop various Near accounts. Learn more about Lockup Accounts and Near token distribution here

How does Lockup Account Staking on Stader.Near work?

All the users with NEAR accounts that are subject to a lockup can now stake their locked tokens across a diverse pool of high performing Stader.Near validators to earn consistent staking rewards on their locked $NEAR tokens.

Will I receive NearX after a Lockup Account Staking with Stader.Near?

Yes, after a successful stake user will receive NearX, however, the liquid token NearX cannot be used on DeFi or any other application. The amount of NearX will not be visible in the wallet and can only be used to Unstake your staked $NEAR.

How to Stake, Unstake and Withdraw $NEAR using Lockup Accounts?

To simplify Staking, Unstaking and Withdrawing $NEAR, we have created step by step guides

Stake Near using Lockup Account

Unstake Near using Lockup Account

Withdraw Near using Lockup Account