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Stader for Near

What is Stader for Near?

Stader’s staking solution for Near is NearX, a liquid staking solution for Near. Stader lets users earn Near staking rewards and also enables users to participate in other Defi protocols using NearX while accruing rewards.Stader for Near gives you

  1. Liquidity through tokenization- Users can participate in Defi using the liquid token.
  2. Ease of staking - User-centric design of Dapp to make staking seamless for users Learn more here.

How does Near staking on Stader work?

A Near token holder connects their wallet on the Stader Dapp and deposits tokens with our smart contract. They immediately receive the NearX tokens representing their staked assets. As rewards for staking are added, the value of NearX increases w.r.t Near.

What is the validator selection criteria for Near?

All our validators must pass these stringent criteria before joining Stader 🎯✅

  1. Voting Power < 3% ➡️ Higher decentralization
  2. Commission < 3% ➡️ Higher earnings for you
  3. Uptime > 99.5% ➡️ Zero loss of rewards
  4. Number of delegators > 500 ➡️ Higher fund security