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What is the process of unstaking Near on Stader?

To simplify unstaking Near, we have created step by step guides

Unstake Near on Near Network

Unstake wNear on Aurora Network

Unstake Near using Lockup Account

How is the Near output amount calculated?

The output Near is calculated as the NearX amount entered in the input field multiplied by the current exchange rate.

What happens after I Unstake?

After an unstake request is successful, an entry is created in the withdraw section with a release time. After the release time passes, the user can withdraw Near to their respective wallet.

What is the unbonding period?

Unbonding time is the interval after unstaking, post which the user is able to withdraw funds to their wallet.

Why happens to my funds during the unbonding period?

After unstaking NearX, the corresponding amount of Near which is equal to NearX multiplied by Exchange rate is moved to the unstaking contract. Moreover, these funds never leave the Near network and cannot be used by Stader for any purposes. Rewards are not accrued for the Near transferred to the unstaking contract. After the unbonding time is completed, users can withdraw Near to their respective wallets.