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What is the process of staking Near on Stader?

To simplify staking Near, we have created step by step guides

Stake Near on Near Network

Stake wNear on Aurora Network

Stake Near using Lockup Account

Will there be any minimum or maximum amount of Near that can be staked with Stader?

Staking Near with Stader Labs is simple & easy.

On Near Network:

  • A minimum of 1 Near is needed to start staking with Stader Labs.
  • There is no maximum limit.

On Aurora Network:

  • A minimum of 1 wNear is needed to start staking with Stader Labs.
  • The maximum wNear that can be staked depends on the staking limit shown on the screen. Users cannot stake more than the wNear staking limit shown on the screen.

How is the NearX output amount calculated?

You will receive NearX tokens equal to the amount of Near staked divided by the exchange rate.

What is the APY seen on the Dapp?

The APY shown on the Stader Dapp is the annualized rate of rewards available via staking Near tokens after adjusting for Validator Commission, Stader Commission (0% for first 2 months) and daily autocomounding of rewards. This rate is subject to variance based on Near protocol and can vary slightly from epoch to epoch.

What is the TVL seen on the Dapp?

TVL is the amount of Near in the Stader staking smart contract. At any point in time the following equation holds true:

TVL=Total Near staked by users+Rewards in Near addedWithdrawals through unstaking{TVL} = {Total\ Near\ staked\ by\ users} + {Rewards\ in\ Near\ added} - {Withdrawals \ through\ unstaking}

What is Stader TVL on the Dapp?

Stader TVL is the total TVL staked across multiple blockchains(Hedera, Near, Fantom, Polygon, BNB and Terra 2.0) on Stader.