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Unveiling the E...


Unveiling the Enigma: 10 Secret Things You Didn't Know About BNB Chain

3 mins read / updated on Wed Aug 09 2023


The BNB Chain, birthed by Binance in 2017, has been a bedrock of remarkable innovation in the blockchain ecosystem, fueled by the spirit of decentralization. It began as a humble initial Coin Offering (ICO), with 100,000,000 units of BNB tokens on sale, and quickly morphed into a marvel of blockchain technology.

Initially an ERC-20 token, BNB has since migrated to the main BNB Chain, constantly evolving, and its use cases expanding beyond the confines of the Binance Exchange ecosystem. From offering trading fee discounts, enabling travel bookings, to even making charitable donations through the Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), BNB has truly revolutionized the way we perceive cryptocurrencies.

Yet, behind the renowned use cases and public successes, there are hidden facets to the BNB Chain that often go unnoticed.

Here we unravel ten secret things you didn't know about the BNB Chain and its ecosystem.

1. The Zero2Hero Builder Series

This program is a six-month-long journey that transitions developers from novices to experts in Solidity. The series consists of a six-week boot camp, a four-week hackathon, and a six-week incubator. This program allows developers to learn, build, and deliver sophisticated Web3 projects, regardless of their prior experience.

2. BNB Greenfield: The Data Revolution

BNB Greenfield is a cutting-edge blockchain and storage platform that aims to change the game in data management and ownership. Its primary goal is to merge data ownership with the DeFi context of the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), essentially democratizing access to data.

3. zkBNB: The Next Level of Scaling

zkBNB is a scaling solution that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs, acting as a Layer 2 extension for the BNB Chain. It promises to enhance the user experience with higher transaction speeds, while also ensuring optimal security for Web3 Apps.

4. BNB Chain Kickstart: Turbocharging dApp Development

BNB Chain Kickstart is an initiative designed to provide developers with essential tools for building, growing, and scaling their dApps on BNB Chain. It includes premium services and discounts, catering to both general dApp developers and game developers stepping into GameFi.

5. BNB Chain Innovation Bootcamp

The BNB Chain Innovation Bootcamp is a program designed to meet the growing demand for skilled blockchain developers. It aims to foster high-quality Web3 development across the globe.

6. BNB Chain's Gas Fee Reduction

To stay competitive amidst rising Ethereum layer-2 networks, BSC validators approved a proposal to slash gas fees by 40% on the BNB Chain. This reduction, from 5 gwei to 3 gwei, means transactions on the BNB Chain are now more affordable.

7. Red Alarm List: User Protection

The Red Alarm List is a weekly updated list that showcases high-risk dApps on the BNB Chain. It serves to protect users from potential scams and rug pulls, thus ensuring a safer ecosystem for all participants.

8. BNB Chain Innovation Roadshow

The BNB Chain Innovation Roadshow is a series of free one-day events offering workshops and panel discussions for developers worldwide. It provides an exceptional opportunity for developers to learn new Web3 skills, network, and push their innovations to new heights.

9. Ecosystem Bounty Board

BNB Chain's Ecosystem Bounty Board encourages developers, students, and researchers to contribute to the BNB Chain ecosystem actively. By completing tasks such as developing, marketing, and content writing, contributors can earn rewards while enhancing the BNB chain ecosystem.

10. BNB Chain Builder Grants: A Builder's Dream

Last but certainly not least, the BNB Chain Builder Grants serve as the cornerstone of the BNB Chain's commitment to fostering innovation. The grant program provides both financial and non-financial support to builders and Web3 projects contributing to the BNB Chain ecosystem. A maximum grant of $50k and a bespoke value grant are available, with recipients gaining access to the BNB Chain Labs team, ensuring a comprehensive support system beyond mere financial assistance.


There you have it, ten secret wonders that make the BNB Chain a labyrinth of innovation and endless possibilities. Like an uncut gem, the BNB Chain is continually being refined and polished, revealing new aspects of its brilliance with each passing day. As we journey through the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, it's exciting to imagine what other secrets the BNB Chain has in store for us.


Utkarsh Verma

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