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What is Stader’s Degen Vaults?

2 mins read / updated on Fri Sep 08 2023


Degen Vaults is a platform that provides access to automated investment strategies across the Terra ecosystem, enabling users to earn more returns on their Luna/LunaX. Stader started Degen vaults with the vision to empower LunaX holders with diverse yield farming opportunities on one single platform.

How did the Journey begin?

Degen vaults was first launched on Terra Classic & got tremendous response from the community for simplifying the decision making on LunaX investments through:

  • Easy Discovery of LunaX yield strategies on Terra
  • One-click implementation of these strategies through a simple UI
  • Convenient monitoring of positions to manage risks/liquidations

Our first vault maxed out on the cap within the first 48 hours of launch and generated a gross APR of ~50% & Net APR of ~18.5%.

Stader plans to bring the same benefits to Terra 2.0, initially with vaults that enable simple yet powerful investment practices & subsequently through advanced degen strategies leveraging other protocols on Terra 2.0.

What is the DCA Vault?

The first vault on Terra 2.0 is based on a simple Dollar cost average strategy (DCA). DCA is a powerful investment practice particularly during times of high market volatility. The objective of this vault is to hence allow people to experiment with DCA within a short lock-in time frame of just 7 days.

The vault is now live & is accepting deposits till 1200 UTC on 24th June.

Stader will accept $axlUSDC deposits in the vault. This axlUSDC will then be used to spread Luna purchase over the span of a week with daily buys at random price points. The lock-in tenure for this first vault will be for one week upto 1200 UTC on 30th June 2022.

The DCA strategy will be executed on the deposited $axlUSDC during this lock-in period.

You will be able to withdraw your total $Luna holdings based on the DCA on June 30th 1200 UTC.

You can invest in Degen Vault DCA strategy here.

Broader vision and next steps for Degen Vaults on Terra 2.0

Post the basic vault, we plan to add several additional features to the DCA vault. These include:

  • Flexible & instant withdrawals (You will be able to withdraw your position without Lock-in period constraints)
  • Multiple lock-in periods with longer vault durations (30 days, 3 months, 6 months)
  • Additional yield through staking of Luna purchased via DCA
  • Advanced DeFi strategies on LunaX or Luna in the DCA vault during the lock-in duration

Soon, we also plan to launch additional vaults with more advanced investment strategies such as

  • Tranching vaults with a junior and senior tranche governed by varying risk-reward structures

a. Juniors owe the senior pool a portion of their underlying assets when price declines, but receive more of the underlying asset when price appreciates.

b. Seniors receive complete price protection up to a certain threshold, in exchange for limited exposure to upside asset price movements.

  • DeFi strategies in collaboration with other protocols on the Terra 2.0 ecosystem (e.g., Lending/borrowing protocols, Dex’s) including leveraged LP farming, arbitrage, delta neutral strategies etc.


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