Stader is launching on mainnet and it’s time for you to farm our SD tokens. Here’s how.
















Stader is launc...


Stader is launching on mainnet and it’s time for you to farm our SD tokens. Here’s how.

3 mins read / updated on Fri Sep 08 2023


At Stader, we believe in the fairness of opportunity. Our main goal is to reimagine staking while serving the community. That’s why we want to celebrate our launch on Nov 20th with Community Farming.

We have up to 6 million SD tokens (4% of our total supply) up for grabs. All of this at an exclusive initial price and in a fair environment. No private farming and no limits.

What we’ll cover here:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Complete Breakdown
  3. What will happen to the earned LUNA?
  4. Fees and early withdrawal
  5. Why join our community farming?

1. Executive Summary:

  • Stader is launching two products in November. Farming is applicable to both
  • Auto-compounding + 1-click Airdrop on 20th Nov
  • Liquid staking token on LUNA (similar to aUST) towards the end-Nov
  • To farm SD tokens, you just need to stake your LUNA with Stader. Staking rewards and stables will be swapped with SD tokens. Anc, Mir, etc. Airdrops will remain as is.
  • For liquid staking, LP providers will get SD rewards apart from Transaction fees.
  • Farming will last for a maximum of 2 months or until SD tokens get exhausted. Farmed tokens will vest over 6 months after community farming to incentivize long-term stakers.
  • Price per SD starts very low at $0.43 and increases by 30% for every 2.2 M Luna TVL on Stader
  • 10% Stakerverse NFTs for select farmers

2. The Complete Breakdown:

Plain Staking:

Starting November 20th, you will be able to farm SD tokens by staking LUNA on Stader. 2% SD tokens are set aside for this and the farming lasts for 2 months. Initial options include:

  • LUNA Auto-compounding
  • 1-Click Airdrops
  • Validator Pools

For our early adopters, we are giving a chance to farm SD tokens at an exclusive price of $0.43, which is close to the private round price. SD price increases by 30% for every additional 2.2 million Luna TVL across both products. Luna and stables staking rewards will be swapped with SD tokens at the above price.

Liquid Staking:

By end-Nov, auto-compounded liquid staking is also coming to Stader. This means you will be able to:

  • Avoid the 21-day unbonding period
  • Enjoy LP incentives across DEXs
  • Leverage your liquid token while accruing staking rewards

1% SD rewards are reserved for LP providers for the first 2 months. An additional 1% will be released based on the demand.

3. What will happen to the earned LUNA from farming?

Earned LUNA will be sent to Stader’s Treasure Chest

  • 80% of it will be used for liquidity bootstrapping on DEX
  • Rest for generating yield for Stakerverse NFTs and other future growth initiatives

4. Fees and early withdrawal:

Stader is completely free of cost during the first 2 months of Community Farming.

Post community farming, Stader fee structure will be as below:

  • 3% on staking rewards, for auto-compounding, 1-click airdrops and minimized slashing
  • Additional reward strategies will incur fees that will be determined later

Early Withdrawal fees:

We would like you to stake with Stader for the long term to enjoy the complete benefits of Stader. To incentivize long-term stakers, there is a small penalty.

  • 1% Withdrawal Penalty will be applicable until 2 months after the beginning of farming
  • There are no withdrawal fees after the first 2 months
  • Users withdrawing LUNA between 2 to 8 months will not receive their unvested SD tokens. They will only receive their vested SD tokens

Fees for the liquid tokens will be released soon.

5. Why do you need to join Community Farming with Stader?

Participating in farming is a great way to farm SD tokens and own a piece of the Stader platform.

Not so long ago, we raised a private round from the best funds and blockchains including TFL, Pantera, Coinbase, Hypersphere, Ledger Prime, True Ventures, Jump Capital, Solana Foundation, and many others. Most have committed to staking LUNA on Stader pools.

We also conducted 2 extensive audits that reassured the security of our smart contracts. On top of that, we will also be selecting the best validators across the staking pools to maximize returns and minimize slashing.

To celebrate the community farming, we are rewarding the early adopters with 10% of Stakerverse NFTs, completely free of charge (70% of these will be distributed to the top farmers by staked LUNA and the rest will be randomly distributed).

From now on, you will be able to amplify your staking yields with:

  • LUNA auto-compounding, 1-click airdrop claims
  • Leveraged Auto-compounding liquid staking token and LP incentives
  • Yield maximizing strategies on staking rewards and airdrops

Ready to say hello to the future of staking?

To get more detailed information about Stader and Tokenomics, please read our Litepaper here:

To get Community Farming updates:

Join Telegram community here

*Updated on Jan 22nd, 11 AM PT.


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