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NEAR Alpha Strategies — Part 2

4 mins read / updated on Thu Aug 31 2023


Welcome back to Stader Near Alpha Strategies!

This series provides a list of DeFi strategies to maximize your NEAR/NEARX gains.

In Part-1, we’ve covered four strategies which you can find here.

Now, we’ll share four more strategies to help you make the most of your NEAR/NEARX.

So, let’s dig in 🚀

Note: The numbers mentioned here were taken at the time of the release of the strategy. Please DYOR and check the latest numbers for each strategy.

Strategy 1: ~20% Yields via NearX, Trisolaris & Aurigami

Before we start, here’re a few pieces of valuable info:

Aurigami has the lowest $NEAR borrow rate across the entire NEAR & Aurora ecosystem, at only 4.7%.

Trisolaris has the highest NEAR-related APY, with their farm NEAR-NearX at 16%. You have to add extra 5% of the NearX accruing staking rewards.

Aurigami and Trisolaris have a joint farm aaUSDT-aaUSDC.

These are the tokens you receive for depositing USDC and USDT in Aurigami.

This means they earn a deposit rate in Aurigami and an additional 4% APY farming rewards in Trisolaris!

Now let’s see the steps you’ve to follow to earn that 20% on stables!


  1. Start with your stablecoins. Split them in USDT & USDC (50% each), & deposit both in Aurigami, for a 9% & 7% deposit rate, respectively.
  2. Bring the resulting aaUSDT & the aaUSDC to Trisolaris to earn an additional 4%.
  3. Borrow 50% of the value you have deposited in $NEAR. It costs you 4.7%.
  4. Go to Trisolaris & do an LP NEAR-NearX for 16% LP rewards.

Yields Break-up:

  1. Get 8% + 4% = 12% for all this, on your stables.
  2. The NearX part will be accruing an extra 10.36% APY.
  3. In a total of the 50% dollar value you borrowed, you can get a 16% APY. This means an extra 8% on your investment!
  4. So 12% + 8% is a whopping 20% on your initial stablecoin investment!

Try the strategy & bag crazy yields now. Click here.

Strategy 2:

~45% Yields via Aurigami & PembRock

This strategy helps you to earn 45% on your USDT. Thanks to Aurigami & PembRock!


  1. Take your USDT and deposit it in Aurigami for 9% APY.
  2. Borrow half of the value (50% of the initial capital) in $NEAR.
  3. Bridge the $NEAR to #NEAR blockchain using Rainbow Bridge.
  4. Deposit it in the USDT-NEAR farm in PemBrock for a 72% APY at 3x leverage.

Yields Break-up:

  • In total, you will be earning: 9% on your 100% & 72% on your 50% capital
  • That makes a total of: 9% + 50% * 72% = 9% + 36% = 45% on your stablecoins!!


  • Risk of liquidation if $NEAR price rises (because you have asked $NEAR loan)
  • Risk of Impermanent Loss in the farm USDT-NEAR in PemBrock (since you’ve 3x leverage)
  • Smart contract risk of platforms like Aurigami or PemBrock.

Stake now. Click Here

Strategy 3:

~47% Yields via NearX, Ref Finance & PembRock

𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐨 𝐃𝐚 𝐕𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐢 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝟒𝟕% 𝐨𝐧 𝐡𝐢𝐬 $𝐍𝐄𝐀𝐑

As Da Vinci says, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

You can make 47% on your $NEAR in just 2 steps!

Thanks to the magic of PembRock, Ref Finance, and Stader.


  1. Get your $NEAR ready.
  2. Go to PembRock and farm NearX-NEAR pair by depositing $NEAR.

Yields Break-up:

  1. The SD token is pumping, rewards are super juicy. Get advantage of that and LEVERAGE it 3X for maximum gains.

Note: The farm is based on Ref Finance farm NearX-NEAR.

Try the strategy now. Click Here

Strategy 4:

~50% Yields via Aurigami, Trisolaris & PembRock

Leveraged Farming of the two L1 Titans.

Earn up to 50% 𝐘𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐝 on Aurigami Stables combo + PembRock leveraged farming wNear/Eth.


  1. We’ll go with our stable coins to Aurigami and deposit them.

Lending APYs:

  • USDC: 6.86%
  • USDT: 9.21%
  • 50/50: 8.035%

You will lend 50/50% USDT and USDC

  1. Borrow 50% of the deposited value as wNear, with a 4.73% borrow APY.
  2. Bridge to NEAR from Aurora using Rainbow Bridge.
  3. Visit PembRock with your borrowed & bridged wNear, & use it on the USDT.e/wNear farm.


  • Get an extra 3.63% APY on those deposited stables.
  • When you deposit stables in Aurigami, you get an LS stable from them, called auUSDT & auUSDC.
  • Earn extra rewards on Trisolaris auUSDT/auUSDC farm.
  • Get 80.8% APY on 3.0x leverage on the USDT.e/wNear farm in PembRock Finance.


This strategy has 2 main sources of risk apart from smart contracts risks:

  • Borrowed wNear liquidation risk.
  • Leveraging risk on the PembRock farm along w/ IL risk.

Want to try the strategy?

Start here and harvest the yields now.

Alright, that’s it for Part 2 of the Stader Near Alpha Strategies.

We’ll come back soon with more exciting strategies to boost your NEAR/NEARX yields.

Also, to make sure you can enjoy these yields with high security & at extremely low risk, we at Stader, optimize the liquid staking of $NearX by partnering with trustworthy DeFi giants.

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Until then 👋


Vikas Chauhan

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