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Important Updat...


Important Update: CoinList, SD Rewards & More

3 mins read / updated on Fri Sep 08 2023


Dear Lunatics! Our team is thrilled to announce that on January 25th, we will become the first protocol on Terra to do a token sale on CoinList.

Thanks to your mad support, 2021 has been a phenomenal year for Stader. We’ve been able to grow to a community of 38k Twitter friends. Over 14k wallets staked ~5.8 million Luna staked within just 2 months of launch.

The following is specially important in the context of the CoinList token sale. Our early stakers got the opportunity to farm SD Tokens close to our seed sale price. 2% of SD Tokens farmed on stake pools (Plain staking). 1% of SD Tokens are still being farmed on Liquid Staking (up to February 9th, 2022).

Today, we are thrilled to announce CoinList is our next stop. This is a testament to how passionate our community is and how quickly we have grown. We could never reach these heights without you!

Please note that this is not a Listing or Token Generation Event (TGE). Further details about listing/ TGE will be shared once finalized

For specific details about the CoinList sale, please visit here.

You can still farm 25000 SD/ day on Liquid staking by providing LunaX <> Luna LP here.

How does the CoinList sale benefit you?

First of all, we will have a priority queue on CoinList for our stakers, active early-bird subscribers, and even key community members. Thanks again for such mad support! Full details and steps will be shared soon. Please note that the Priority queue has a higher chance of allocation but not guaranteed allocation.

There’s even bigger news:

Initial set of SD rewards farmed are due to vest on January 20th and February 20th for Plain staking and February 9th for Liquid Staking.

Due to legal and regulatory constraints, we will only be able to do the SD Token Generating Event (TGE) 40 days after the sale. Hence you will not be able to claim your vested SD rewards till our TGE.

That is why we want to reward you for your support in continuing to retain vested rewards until TGE by offering an APY of 50% on your vested SD rewards.

Refer to the table below for clearer understanding.

What will remain the same regarding SD rewards?

  1. The farmed SD tokens will remain the same on plain staking. SD Tokens farmed will not vest for users who have undelegated the entire Luna before 20 Jan, 2022. Farmed SD tokens will vest proportionately for users who have undelegated a portion of their Luna until January 20th, 2022.
  2. The farmed SD tokens will remain the same and farming will continue for Liquid staking until February 9th, 2022. SD Tokens farmed will not vest for users who remove their entire LunaX <> Luna LP until February 9th, 2022. Farmed SD tokens will vest proportionately for users who remove a portion of their Luna until January 20th, 2022.
  3. Vesting schedule of the SD tokens remains the same (excluding above changes) as communicated earlier.
  4. Continue to stake Luna until January 20th (23:59 PST) for at least 50% of farmed SD rewards to vest for Plain Staking.
  5. Continue to provide LP for [LunaX <> Luna LP] until February 9th (23:59 PST) for at least 50% of farmed SD rewards to vest.

Few Additional details regarding Strategic Round and Token Format

  1. We have closed a strategic round from several marquee investors around the same price as that of CoinList token sale. More details about the strategic round will be announced soon.

2. SD Tokens will be ERC20 tokens on Ethereum blockchain. This has been designed based on cross-chain acceptance and ease of listing on exchanges. However, we are working to port SD tokens to Terra via bridges so Terra users can avoid high gas fees.

Stay tuned for more information.


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