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PowerUp Talks with Allnodes: A Recap

3 mins read / updated on Mon Aug 28 2023


In a recent Twitter Spaces, we hosted Allnodes, a noncustodial staking provider. The session featured Anoothi, Business Head at ETHx, and Josh, Product Specialist at Allnodes.

This blog provides a brief recap of the spaces, highlighting key points and emphasizing the joint efforts of ETHx and Allnodes to democratize node running, enhance security, and promote decentralization in Ethereum. Let’s delve into the insights shared during this informative session.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: Introduces herself and Stader

I’m Anoothi, Head of Ethereum business at Stader. Stader is a leading multi-chain liquid staking protocol with $100M+ TVL. We recently launched on Ethereum and have logged in 6000+ ETH, 225 validators & 12M+ in TVL over the last two days.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: Could you please introduce yourself Josh and also give an overview of Allnodes?

Josh | Allnodes: Allnodes is a noncustodial staking platform supporting 70+ blockchain protocols. We’ve been running Ethereum nodes since Genesis, supporting over 3% of the network. We’re excited to partner with Stader and further diversify the Ethereum network.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: Why should users run a node through Allnodes?

Josh | Allnodes: With Allnodes, users can easily set up an ETHx node in just 2 clicks. Everything we do is noncustodial, ensuring user confidence and peace of mind. Our pricing starts at $5/month, including flash and MeV bots. We have multiple infrastructure sites worldwide, ensuring node uptime and rewards.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: Talks about ETHx Power Pledge

We are going ahead with a pledge to keep Ethereum decentralized by building a liquid staking solution that is accessible, reliable, and rewarding. Our design “the 4ETH bond” is anchored in the intent of making this the lowest capital requirement in the ecosystem, and the most accessible node operating solution for aspiring node operators on Ethereum. This partnership will Allnodes will further bolster our pledge.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: Why did you choose to partner with Stader Ethereum?

Josh | Allnodes: Running a 32ETH node requires a significant investment, which many can’t afford. Stader Ethereum allows anyone to run a node with only 4ETH, increasing the security and diversification of the Ethereum blockchain.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: How do Allnodes services contribute to decentralizing Ethereum?

Josh | Allnodes: We run a minority consensus client, Teku, and operate our own data centers instead of relying on centralized servers. This reduces concentration and promotes decentralization.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: Can you please tell users about the offering of Allnodes & options to run an ETHx node?

Josh | Allnodes: Our hosting plans start at $5/month, offering flash bots, MeV, and multiple global locations. Advanced plans that start at $10/month provide guaranteed uptime of 99.90% and high-priority support. We also have an enterprise plan with dedicated standby servers.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: What measures does Allnodes undertake to secure their platform?

Josh | Allnodes: We have an anti-slash database and use 2FA for enhanced security. User accounts can also enable 2FA for additional protection. Access to servers is limited to developers and only when necessary.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: Talks about ETHx security

ETHx smart contracts are triple-audited by leading security firms like Sigma Prime, Halborn, and Code4rena. We have ongoing $1M bug bounty programs with ImmuneFi. We are also going live with real-time monitoring with Fortaa. Alongside these, we are exploring an insurance partnership with Nexus Mutual for added protection.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: What programs does Allnodes run to educate first-time node operators?

Josh | Allnodes: We offer free testnet ETH and Stader tokens for users to try ETHx testnet. Besides this, we provide step-by-step guides and participate in web3 events worldwide. We have upcoming events like Token 2023 in Singapore.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: What are Allnodes’ future plans?

Josh | Allnodes: We aim to grow with the blockchain community, adding more projects to our platform alongside 70+ protocols.

Anoothi | Stader Ethereum: Talks about ETHx’s future plans

We will start the ETHx node school with educational webinars, demos, and workshops. We also have a launch month Bonanza where anybody who partners with us will earn a 7% Commission for the full year of launch, which is a 40% commission boost. We are also distributing 1 million $SD in rewards for our node operators that will accrue on their bonded SD.

Stader Labs launched on Ethereum with our liquid staking token ETHx on 10th July, 2023. With ETHx, node operators can spin a node with 85% lower capital (just 4 ETH) and get 35% higher rewards vs solo staking!

We launched ETHx Node School with a webinar on “Spinning ETHx node with Allnodes”. We’re regularly hosting similar guided onboarding, live workshops/demos & share multilingual resources via the ETHx Node School. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with all the latest opportunities related to ETHx node operations.


Vikas Chauhan

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