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Introducing BNB...


Introducing BNBx Portfolios

2 mins read / updated on Fri Feb 16 2024


It has been ~2months since Stader launched its liquid staking solution on the BNB chain. BNBx has been very well received by the DeFi community:

  • 50k+ BNB have been staked with the solution
  • $10mn+ in liquidity on different DEXs
  • 8 DeFi integrations

With the help of these integrations, we have demonstrated a wide range of DeFi strategies across different risk levels for our users.

However, executing these strategies is still manual, difficult to assess, and operationally complex

  • Users need to do a significant amount of research and monitoring to assess risk levels
  • Need to manage transactions across multiple protocols
  • Need to manage multiple tokens to gain yield

BNBx Portfolios

To solve the previously mentioned issues and make these strategies even more accessible to different user segments, we are pleased to announce a new product addition to the BNBx platform — BNBx Portfolios

BNBx Portfolios is a set of smart contracts that will take BNB/Stablecoins deposits and deploy them across DeFi protocols including staking with Stader. There will be several Portfolios and each one will be associated with a specific strategy, risk and time lock, etc.

User decision-making will be simplified with easy-to-understand risk levels and strategy explanations, with detailed information available in one place.

Additionally, Stader will automate all the operational tasks so that you don’t have to worry about managing multiple tokens across multiple protocols

Benefits to users

The objective of BNBx Strategies is to simplify the decision-making for users regarding the discovery and usage of Defi strategies. Users will get the following advantages using this product vs managing strategies on their own:

  1. Curation: Stader will curate different possible strategies and assess them as per their risk parameters. Furthermore, all strategies will be based on protocols that have been audited and have a good adoption in the ecosystem
  2. Convenience — Stader will automate the operational processes associated with executing the trading strategies, eliminating the need for users to deal with multiple protocols and governance tokens. They can just deposit funds with a single click
  3. Outperforming returns: Depending on the strategy, Stader will compound the returns received by investing them back into the vault thereby optimizing yield for users

Community centric

Stader intends to build its BNBx Portfolio offering on top of BNBx in a decentralized way by encouraging the community to participate in the design and monitoring of these strategies. In the future, community members will be able to submit applications for strategies and if implemented will be incentivized for their efforts

First BNBx Portfolio: DeFi Simple LP Account

(APY: 10% — 15%*, Risk level: Low, Liquidity: Instant)

The first portfolio to launch will be a DeFi simple LP account, which will take BNB from users and stake it with Stader to convert to BNBx and then deposit the BNBx in an LP pool. This will be no / minimal impermanent loss or liquidation risk, making the entire strategy a Low-Risk one. Users will be able to invest or divest in the strategy instantly with the help of our DEX partners, providing liquidity for BNBx. Detailed information (and launch date) will be provided soon, be sure to subscribe to our email list to get the information first!

None of this is possible without the help of our extremely talented DeFi partner protocols, the BNB Chain team, and the amazing BNB community, all of whom have played a part in providing the insight and feedback necessary to envision this product.

We at Stader are very excited to bring forth our new product BNBx Portfolios to the BNB Chain community. We are confident that it solves some pressing user needs and will attract an even larger user base to the DeFi ecosystem.

For more information, feedback and suggestions please reach out to us on the below channel.


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